2mil, 492' Gloss Lamination Film Rolls (11.3" Wide) for Revo-T14 (4/Ctn)

These 2mil gloss lamination film rolls (11.3" width) are designed specifically for the Revo-T14 and come 4 rolls to the carton, with 492 feet of film on each roll, providing the same protection of a lamination pouch with edge-sealed encapsulation without having to manually insert and feed every pouch individually.

2mil Gloss, 11.3" Lamination Film Rolls for Revo-T14 (4 Rolls/Ctn)

Per Ctn*
*Rolls sold in sets of 4 per carton

Product Details

· Ctn Weight: 7lbs

· Thickness: 2mil (50 microns)

· Adhesive Type: Double-Sided, Gloss

· Length: 492 Feet

· Width: 11.3 Inches

Machine Compatibility

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