Fully Automatic Laminators

Our fully automatic laminators efficiently feed, laminate and trim stacks of paper at the touch of a button, cutting operating costs.
For low-volume users desiring an automated alternative to pouch lamination, we recommend the GBC Foton 30 while the Fujipla ALM3230 and ALM3222 are excellent options for mid to high volume users.
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The GBC Foton 30 is a fully automatic desktop laminating system that will laminate at speeds up to 29.1" per minute.
Simply load your sheets in the feeder, push the button and walk away as the Foton 30 automatically feeds, laminates and trims a stack of up to 30 sheets of 8.5"x11" or 11"x17" paper with a fully encapsulated edge-seal. Auto-mode works with paper weights between 65gsm - 120gsm, while manual mode will accept sheets up to 250gsm. The lamination film cartridges are available in 3mil and 5mil thicknesses and feature revolutionary self-threading technology, eliminating the need to use threading cards when changing out lamination rolls.
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Foton 30 Auto-Threading Lamination Cartridges

The ALM 3230 is a fantastic new automatic laminator from Fujipla that automatically feeds, laminates and trims a stack of up to 100 sheets of paper ranging from standard letter size to 13" x 19" digital prints.
This compact machine works with single and double sided lamination ranging from 1.2mil to 5mil in thickness with the ability to laminate an unlimited length of coverstock as heavy as 100lbs at a fixed rolling speed of 40 inches/minute with adjustable cutting margins on all four sides and temperature control between 170 - 270°F. We highly recommend this superb system for anyone laminating 1,000+ pages per month.
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Options & Accessories

The Al-Meister ALM 3222 is a fantastic single and double sided automatic laminator and trimmer and the next step in efficiency from its brother model, the ALM3230, with a 70% increase in maximum speed (from 40" to 68" per minute) for efficiently laminating and trimming sheets as heavy as 130lbs.
The ALM 3222 comes with long mode operation for oversized sheets, allowing for virtually any length document to be laminated, and also features adjustable front, back and side margin slitters to accurately trim sheets up to 13" wide. The ALM 3222 also has a digital temperature control ranging from 170 - 270°F to fine-tune the machine for different lamination materials. We highly recommend this superb system for anyone laminating 2,000+ pages per month.
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