Hardcover & Photobook Binding Machines

If you're interested in binding hardcovers or photo books, these helpful machines take the guesswork out of the assembly process, allowing you to consistently and easily bind durable, custom hardcover documents.
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Eliminate any guesswork while assembling durable, professional quality hardcover books with our handy hardcover guide, specifically designed to align and help build Fastback® tape bound hardcovers.
With this nifty tool, you have a cost effective means to produce high quality portrait and landscape hardbound documents for resale or create personal memory books for yourself and loved ones with spine sizes ranging from 0.25" up to 1.5" in width.
New Hardcover Guide HCG2: $350
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The SilverStrike Prime is our patented heavy duty stapler that streamlines the hardcover binding process, allowing you to bind your books in 10 seconds or less with its foot-pedal operated stitching head.
Effortlessly stitch up to 80 sheets, or 0.3 inches, of 20# bond paper (twice the page capacity of other "heavy duty" staplers) with a flat clinch, giving you a consistent, professional bind with no protruding staples. The SilverStrke Prime also features a high capacity 5,000 staple cartridge which contains all wear parts in the machine, effectively making it brand new each time you change the cartridge. And with our adjustable, incremented guide table you have total depth control over staple placement. Great for photobooks and hardcover books.
New SilverStrike Prime: $842
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In terms of machine longevity, quality of the bind, document versatility, ease of use, bind speed and cost, you simply won't find better machines than the revolutionary Fastback® document binders manufactured by Powis Parker.
Whether you're binding tape books, perfectbound books, hardcovers, photobooks or inkjet-printable Image Strips, these machines will provide consistent, high quality results with their patented thermal adhesive strip technology. The Model 9 and Model 20 are available new out of the box and the Model 11 and Model 15xs, while still excellent machines, are only available refurbished as they are no longer being manufactured.
The Powis Image Wrapper is a unique piece of equipment that allows you to wrap hardcover books with any custom printed cover in a wide variety of sizes, including landscape and portrait versions of 8.5" x 11", A4, 8" x 10", 12" x 12", 10" x 10" and 8" x 8".
It's as simple as cutting your cover along one of the pre-made Image Wrapper templates, adhering it to the ImageBack hardcover, running it through the rolling wheel with adjustable gap pressure to secure your printed sheet to the adhesive cover and applying ImageBack liners to the inside of the book to secure the endleaves of your book block within the hardcover.
New Image Wrapper IW-1: $1,655
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