Document Binding Machines

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality book binding machines at the best prices, hand selecting our equipment from industry-leading manufacturers in tape binding, modular punches, coil, wire, velobind and comb binders as well as specialized hardcover and photobook binding machines.
We want our customers completely happy with their purchase, which is why we've pruned the staggering amount of document binding equipment down to a few manageable groups of affordable, highly reliable machines.
In terms of machine longevity, quality of the bind, document versatility, ease of use, bind speed and cost, you simply won't find better machines than the revolutionary Fastback® document binders manufactured by Powis Parker.
Whether you're binding tape books, perfectbound books, hardcovers, photobooks or inkjet-printable Image Strips, these machines will provide consistent, high quality results with their patented thermal adhesive strip technology. The Model 9 and Model 20 are available new out of the box and the Model 11 and Model 15xs, while still excellent machines, are only available refurbished as they are no longer being manufactured.
If you're binding hardcover books or photo books, these helpful little machines will make assembly much easier.
Our hardcover assembly guide, manufactured by Powis Parker, perfectly aligns your book block in its hardcover shell for consistent results while our SilverStrike Photobook stitcher uses a powerful inline stapler to provide a durable, accurate bind for books up to 0.3 inches in width in 10-15 seconds. Our Image Wrapper is perfect for wrapping your hardcover books with a custom designed cover while the PhotoPress utilizes pressure-adhesive technology to create gorgeous, layflat photo books.
Our line of high quality bookletmaking equipment has a fantastic variety of different solutions for any stitch-binding scenario, whether you're making a few booklets by hand or have a high volume job requiring a machine that will automatically jog, stitch, fold and trim thousands of booklets.
For smaller booklets in lower quantities, the iBooklet is an excellent entry level option, while the Stitchmaster is a fantastic heavy duty saddle stitcher. Anyone looking to produce larger booklets in higher quantities should check out our Sprint bookletmakers or our SF2 stitcher/trimmer combo.
Browse our handpicked selection of heavy duty, electric modular paper punches, manufactured by punch experts Rhin-O-Tuff, James Burn and Akiles.
This powerful punch equipment will meet all your punch binding needs, featuring easily removable, interchangeable dies for every punch binding element (coil, comb, wire, Velobind, 3-Ring Binder, etc.) making them faster and more adaptable than other punch equipment.
Our spiral coil binding equipment includes everything needed to efficiently produce 4:1 coil bound books, including punching, inserting and crimping.
Whether you're looking for an electric coil inserter, a heavy duty manual coil punch or an all-in-one coil binding machine with a built-in coil puncher, inserter and crimper, we have affordable, high quality equipment manufactured by Rhin-O-Tuff, Akiles and GBC to meet your needs.
Our twin loop wire binding equipment, also known as double loop wire, allows you to easily and reliably bind elegant wire documents.
Choose between our manual and electric models of Akiles wire punching and closing machines, with modular closers and all-in-one equipment available in a variety of combinations for 3:1 and 2:1 pitch wire bound books. If you're interested in high volume wire binders, our semi-automatic Wire-O Bind 3500 is an excellent option to consider.
Our Velobind equipment, manufactured by GBC, allows you to bind 11-pin velobind and surebind books up to 3" in width with a simple punch and bind process that guarantees your pages won't fall out by securing them between two fused plastic spines.
Velobind systems are great for law firms, real estate offices and companies looking for an easy to use binding system providing a sleek look that is extremely durable.
Our heavy duty comb binding equipment allow for easy punching and assembling of 19-ring comb bound documents.
Whether you're producing comb bound books in high volumes and need a time saving all-in-one electric comb binding machine or prefer a manual comb opener for short-run projects, we've got the equipment to tackle any comb binding job.
Our powerful digital foil printing technology, manufactured by the document finishing experts at Powis Parker, allows you to customize the covers and spines of your bound books with vibrant metallic foil in any text or design of your liking.
Stay a step ahead of the competition with professional book customizations that not only look great but cost a fraction of traditional foil stamping and have a much quicker turnaround time.