Rotary Paper Trimmers

If your document requires precision trimming, we have a great selection of standard and wide format rotary trimmers with self-sharpening blades that will trim sheets from 18" all the way up to 120".
These trimmers are an excellent option for companies regularly trimming blueprints, laminated materials, photos, covers, etc. and are built with the highest standard of quality from manufacturers at Akiles, MBM and Keencut.
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Our most popular selling trimmer, the 18" Roll-@-Blade rotary paper trimmer is perfect for any place of business, easily slicing through up to 2.0mm of paper, newsprint, cardboard, plastic films, vellum, aluminum foil, etc.
Weighing just 17lbs and taking up 18" x 15" of table space, the Roll-@-Blade 1815 is ideal for someone looking for a space-saving, highly durable trimmer. The Roll@Blade 1815 also features a built-in ruler and measuring guideliness, a plastic clamp that keeps materials in place while trimming and a self-sharpening blade that won't get dull.
New Roll@Blade 1815: $238
The Roll-@-Blade 3615 rotary paper trimmer is identical to the Roll-@-Blade 1815 aside from the maximum trimming length, which is doubled to 36 inches.
Ideal for businesses needing to precisely trim larger media, the Roll-@-Blade 3615 will cleanly and accurately cut up to 15 sheets of 20# paper at a time or 2.0mm of other materials, including vinyl, PVC, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, leather, veneer, etc. Like 1815, the Roll@Blade 3615 also features a built-in ruler and measuring guideliness, a plastic clamp that keeps materials in place while trimming and a self-sharpening blade.
New Roll@Blade 3615: $345
The Sabre-Series 2, manufactured by Keencut, is a wide format general purpose cutter that is extremely durable, versatile and accurate and available in 40", 60", 80", 100" and 120" models that come with heavy duty stands mounted on casters.
The interchangeable blade holders accomodate super-strong Graphik blades, medium duty blades and a 45mm cutting wheel. The Sabre Series 2 has a max cutting depth of 1/2" with a sturdy metal clamp to keep materials in place while trimming, making it an excellent choice for companies cutting a variety of sheet materials searching for a consistently square and clean cut. The price quoted below is for the standard 60" model, but call us for pricing on other size models or for information about the optional 36" extended measuring arm.
Keencut Sabre Series 2 (40" - 120"): $835 - $1,450
The MBM Triumph 0105 U is an excellent floor model rotary trimmer with a 41 1/4 inch cutting width, a 1/32" cutting depth and a collection tray for easy cleanup.
Its high quality, hardened steel rotary blade is self-sharpening against the stainless steel counter blade and the safety cutting head has an ergonomic design that easily glides back and forth along the cross bar. The slotted side brackets are great for cutting oversized sheets while the transparent bar clamp automatically clamps as you're trimming your materials. The cutting table is mounted on a sturdy metal stand with non-slip rubber feet and a rugged anodized aluminum exterior.
New Triumph 0105 U: $999
The MBM Triumph 0135 is a heavy duty large format rotary trimmer that's ideal for professional settings cutting and trimming blueprints, drawings, posters, photos and large format digital prints up to 53" wide and 1/32" thick.
Its smooth-running safety cutting head has a self-sharpening mechanism that keeps the hardened steel rotary blade perpetually sharp by running it against the counter blade made of stainless knife steel with every pass. The automatic clamping system features a transparent clamp bar ensuring precise cuts and preventing your sheets from skewing while being trimmed. The Triumph 0135 also includes a stand with non-slip rubber feet, waste catch and slotted side brackets for cutting oversized materials.
New Triumph 0135: $1,169
The Roll@Blade 64, manufactured by paper handling experts at Akiles, is our 64" extra wide format trimmer with an excellent price point that will cut a wide variety of materials up to 2.0mm in thickness.
This fine-tuned piece of equipment is carefully designed with premium components to guarantee an easy, professional trim and many years of trouble free performance. The self-sharpening tungsten rotary blade ensures a sharp cut with every pass, while the ergonomic metal blade carriage fits comfortably in your hand, safely keeping the blade out of harm's way. The waste catcher prevents debris from obstructing operation while trimming and the heavy duty stand is mounted on lockable casters for easy mobility.
New Roll@Blade 64: $1,176
The MBM Triumph 0155 is a heavy duty large format rotary trimmer that sits on a rugged metal stand and is ideal for any organization cutting and trimming blueprints, drawings, posters, photos and large format digital prints up to 61" wide and 1/32" thick.
Like the other Triumph rotary trimmers, the 0155 has a smooth-running safety cutting head with a self-sharpening mechanism, an automatic clamping system featuring a transparent clamp bar to ensure precise cuts and prevent your sheets from skewing while being trimmed, as well as a convenient waste catcher and slotted side brackets for trimming extra large materials.
New Triumph 0155: $1,304