Lamination Threading Cards for Fujipla ALM Automatic Laminators

Our lamination threading cards are 22pt sheets of 11 x 17 inch chipboard and are the perfect length for threading film into any Fujipla ALM Automatic Laminator.
Use two to three of these cards each time you thread new film into your roll laminator to painlessly transition between laminating different film finishes and thicknesses. Available in bundles of 240 sheets, compatible with any roll laminating machine.
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11" x 17" Lamination Threading Cards for ALM Automatic Laminators (240/Bundle)

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· Bundle Weight: 30lbs

· Dimensions: 11" x 17" Inches

· Thickness: 22pt

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Product Demonstration

How to thread film rolls in a Fujipla ALM automatic laminator using lamination threading cards.