Paper Handling Equipment

Our paper handling equipment includes a wide variety of processing, handling and finishing machines that are guaranteed to boost efficiency in any work environment.
Our guillotine cutters offer an excellent combination of power, safety and affordability for high volume paper cutting, while out rotary trimmers are ideal for putting super accurate finishing touches on over-sized sheets. We also carry fantastic corner rounding equipment, paper joggers, all-in-one digital finishing systems, folders, scorers and creasers from a variety of excellent manufacturers.
These heavy duty Triumph paper stack cutters are a must have for anyone doing high volume paper cutting.
Whether you're making fine adjustments to your already-bound documents or resizing larger sheets, these machines guarantee power, precision, safety and ease of operation.
Our heavy duty electric paper folders come in manual and automatic programmable models with friction and air feed options both available.
These heavy duty folding machines are fantastic for automatically folding large volumes of paper ranging from 3" x 5" all the way up to 13" x 19" and beyond in a variety of different paper weights.
Our scoring, creasing a perforating machines range from completely manual tabletop models to fully programmable models that automatically feed, crease and perforate a high volume of sheets with incredible precision, with a variety of optional tools available.
These machines are the perfect solution for any project where clean creases are a must, especially for scoring perfectbound covers, making endleaves, creating greeting cards, folded mailers, etc. Choose between our ProCrease-M2 or Fastback® Scoring Machine for an easy manual scoring solution or something like our new Count EZ Creaser for an all-in-one automatic programmable scorer, creaser and perforator.
If your document requires precision trimming, we have a great selection of standard and wide format rotary trimmers with self-sharpening blades that will trim sheets from 18" all the way up to 64".
These trimmers are an excellent option for companies regularly trimming blueprints, laminated materials, photos, covers and a variety of other sheet materials requiring accurate trimming.
With our superb corner rounding machines, manufactured by Akiles, transforming the pointed corners of your document into elegant rounded angles is a simple task.
Choose between our medium-duty manual corner rounder (0.4 inches per cut) or our commercial-grade electric corner rounders (up to 2.75 inches per cut), depending on the volume handled in your workplace.
Our electric and programmable business card slitting machines allow you to rapidly produce customized, professional business cards, whether you're looking for a budget friendly machine dedicated to cutting standard 2" x 3.5" cards or a higher-volume slitter that will automatically feed and slit a variety of different sizes in one pass.
Our digital cutting plotters will die-cut, perforate, kiss-cut and dash-cut objects of any shape and size.
Unlike traditional cutters and slitters, which are limited by X and Y axis cuts, cutting plotters utilize the same technology as printers, allowing them to move with 360 degrees of freedom. Digital cutting plotters are compatible with a variety of materials, including paper, card stock, vinyl and label stock making them excellent machines for producing stickers, labels, custom apparel, custom heat-transfer products, packaging, greeting cards and more. Choose between our highly automated sheet-fed digital die-cutters or our traditional flatbed models with vacuum pump for wide format prints.
Multifunction digital finishing machines offer the advantage of automatically performing a multitude of paper handling tasks in a single pass, dramatically reducing operating costs with superb results.
Producing business cards, post cards, digital photos, tickets and many other cutting, slitting, creasing, perforating and folding tasks has never been easier with our line of high speed multifunction automatic programmable equipment.
Paper jogging equipment is an essential paper handling element for companies doing high volume folding, inserting, collating or book binding.
Our tabletop and floor model electric paper joggers, manufactured by MBM and Martin Yale, gently vibrate the pages of your document, dissipating static electricity and aligning the edge of your pages so they're ready to be assembled with ease.