Professional Lamination Equipment

We carry a number of fantastic desktop laminators, including pouch, roll, school, wide format and fully automatic laminating machines that produce crystal clear lamination.
The digital era has revolutionized the print industry and professional lamination is in higher demand than ever. When it comes to production speed, automation, media versatility, laminant cost, performance consistency, and quality of lamination, we know there are a mind-boggling number of solutions to choose from which is why we deal exclusively with laminating equipment that we know will add value to our customers' business. Whether you're laminating 10,000+ pages per month or a couple hundred, we'll help you find the right laminator for your needs.
If you're looking for a reliable laminator with a small footprint that produces professional quality laminated prints, our pouch laminating machines are an excellent option for low to mid volume production.
Our Akiles ProLam Ultra series features high speed pouch laminators that will laminate your materials up to 142 inches/minute as well as wide format pouch laminators that will laminate up to 18.9 inches wide, giving you the versatility to laminate most sheet sizes and types, including photos and digital prints, with fantastic price tags on both machines and laminating pouches.
Lamination protects your pages from ripping, deterioration and moisture while enhancing any document with a pristine, professional look.
Our desktop roll laminating machines provide high quality, professional looking prints that will never de-laminate. These versatile, heavy duty machines will do single and double sided lamination with widths up to 27" and film thicknesses ranging from 1.2mil to 5mil.
Our fully automatic laminators efficiently feed, laminate and trim stacks of paper at the touch of a button, cutting operating costs and increasing productivity compared to traditional pouch lamination.
Whether you are laminating a few dozen sheets or thousands at a time, our selection automatic laminating equipment is hand-picked to suit your needs.