Booklet Makers & Stitchers

Our line of high quality bookletmaking equipment has a fantastic variety of different solutions for any stitch-binding scenario, whether you're making a few booklets by hand or have a high volume job requiring a machine that will automatically jog, stitch, fold and trim thousands of booklets.
For smaller booklets in lower quantities, the iBooklet is an excellent entry level option, while the Stitchmaster is a fantastic heavy duty saddle stitcher. Anyone looking to produce larger booklets in higher quantities should check out our Sprint bookletmakers or our SF2 stitcher/trimmer combo.
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The SilverStrike Prime is our patented heavy duty stapler that streamlines the hardcover binding process, allowing you to bind your books in 10 seconds or less with its foot-pedal operated stitching head.
Effortlessly stitch up to 80 sheets, or 0.3 inches, of 20# bond paper (twice the page capacity of other "heavy duty" staplers) with a flat clinch, giving you a consistent, professional bind with no protruding staples. The SilverStrke Prime also features a high capacity 5,000 staple cartridge which contains all wear parts in the machine, effectively making it brand new each time you change the cartridge. And with our adjustable, incremented guide table you have total depth control over staple placement. Great for photobooks and hardcover books.
New SilverStrike Prime: $842
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The MBM iBOOKLET is a sturdy tabletop semi-automatic booklet maker that can produce up to 800 booklets per hour with a maximum capacity of 16 sheets per booklet.
The iBOOKLET will process paper sizes ranging from 4.3" x 8.25" up to 13" x 18.4" and has saddle, side and corner stitching capabilities. This compact booklet making machine automatically adjusts stapling and folding positions based on selected sheet size and features one-touch buttons for standard paper sizes. Custom paper lengths can be easily programmed and the staple modes can be switched from saddle, side and corner. The iBOOKLET also features "staple only," "fold only" and "staple and fold" options as well as a patent-pending stapling mechanism which enables the operator to select ordinary clinch and flat-clinch staples. Can operate in automatic and manual cycle modes, using either a sensor to detect when sheets are inserted or the press of the Start button.
New iBOOKLET: $2,149
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The Stitchmaster is a heavy duty spool-fed saddle stitching machine that will wire bind booklets and other documents up to 60 sheets in width.
With its unique wire-fed magnetic stitch head, the Stitchmaster uses a foot pedal to stitch paper sizes ranging from 2" x 2" up to 11" x 17" and features a variety of helpful and innovative features to facilitate the stitch binding process. The heavy-duty work table switches from flat to saddle stitching and back again in seconds, allowing you to stitch virtually anywhere on your document while the adjustable side guides and movable clinches ensure a tight and accurate stitch. Thickness and centering are easily adjusted with the turn of a knob.
New Stitchmaster (no stand): $3,109
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New Stitchmaster (with stand): $3,509
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The Sprint 3000 is a high speed bookletmaker that jogs, staples and folds your booklets in one automated operation, producing booklets up to 100 pages at a rate of up to 1,500 sets per hour (off-line).
Using 210-staple sticks, the two stapling heads can be adjusted to stitch in 4 positions for sheet sizes ranging from 5 1/2" x 8" up to 12" x 18". The Sprint 3000's powered exit conveyor ejects finished booklets in a neat stack while the variable speed control allows you to fine tune your production pace. Mounted on casters for easy maneuverability.
New Sprint 3000: $8,599
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The Sprint 5000 is a high speed, high capacity bookletmaker that automatically jogs, stitches and folds your booklets.
This machine has very similar specifications to its brother model, the Sprint 3000, with both having a production rate of 1,500 booklets per hour and both accepting sheet sizes ranging from 5-1/2" x 8" to 12" x 18". The primary difference between these two booklet makers is their respective staple holding capacity. While the Sprint 3000 can only hold 210 staples at a time, the Sprint 5000 features a high capacity staple cartridge that holds a whopping 5,000 staples, allowing you to bind thousands of booklets at a time without ever having to replace supplies, saving you time and money in the long run.
New Sprint 5000: $9,399
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The SF2 is MBM's top of the line wire-fed stitching system which is an extremeley efficient, cost-effective booklet making machine that's designed for high volume, industrial projects.
Aside from its spectacular productivity, yielding up to 2,300 booklets per hour, the greatest advantage offered by the SF2 is found in its ultra high capacity wire spools, which provide lower operating costs than bookletmakers using pre-formed staples and allow you to produce up to 65,000 booklets without replacing a spool. In addition to its automated all-in-one bookletmaking abilities, which include jogging, folding and stapling, the SF2 also features an optional face trimmer specifically designed to work on-line with the bookletmaker. This add-on piece of equipment will automatically trim booklets up to 100 pages, linking directly with the bookletmaker and using its powered exit conveyor to neatly eject the stitched and trimmed finished booklets. The SF2 bookletmaker will build booklets from 4-3/4" x 8-1/2" to 12-3/4" x 18-1/2" while the trimming unit will trim booklets between 4-3/4" x 8-3/4" and 12-11/16" x 18-1/4".
New SF2 Bookletmaker: $15,899
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New SF2 Face Trimmer: $16,609
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