10" x 10" Square ImageBack Hardcovers with Liners (25/Sets per Ctn)

Our 10 x 10 inch square ImageBack hardcovers are designed to adhere to a full-bleed print for a beautiful, custom wraparound hardcover using the Powis Image Wrapping system. Each carton comes with 25 sets of ImageBack liners.
Per Sets per Ctn

Product Details

· Manufacturer: Powis Parker, Inc.

· Sets per Ctn Weight: 23lbs

· Binding Capacity: A - B Size (Up To 0.5")

· Dimensions: 10" x 10" (Square)

· Part Number: HVIBA-SX (A Width), HVIBB-LX (B Width)

· Quantity: 25 per Sets per Ctn

Machine Compatibility

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