Desktop Roll Laminators

Lamination protects your pages from ripping, deterioration and moisture while enhancing any document with a pristine, professional look.
Our desktop roll laminating machines provide high quality, professional looking prints that will never de-laminate. These versatile, heavy duty machines will do single and double sided lamination with widths up to 27" and film thicknesses ranging from 1.2mil to 5mil.
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The LPE3510 13" desktop roll laminator, manufactured by Fujipla, is an excellent smaller laminator that is perfect for double-sided laminating standard sized documents.
With the ability to laminate 1.5mil and 3.0mil film on materials up to 13 inches in width at speeds up to 4 feet per minute, this lightweight laminator is a great fit in school and office settings. The LPE3510 is very user-friendly, featuring adjustable speed, heat and tension controls as well as an easy-to-read digital display and will laminate materials up to 0.04 inches thick at temperatures ranging from 194° - 300°F.
New LPE3510: $1,757
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The LPE6510 25" Roll Laminator, manufactured by Fujipla, is an excellent wide format desktop laminator for any school or office setting.
The machine is capable of double-sided laminating 1.5mil and 3.0mil film rolls on materials up to 25 inches in width at speeds up to 3 feet per minute, this laminator will accomodate virtually any standard low to mid-volume laminating project. The LPE6510 is very user-friendly, featuring an easy threading mechanism that allows film to be freed quickly if it ever wraps around the rollers, a speedy five minute warm-up time and the ability to laminate materials up to 0.04 inches thick at temperatures ranging between 194° - 300°F.
New LPE6510: $2,534
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The LPP4513, manufactured by Fujipla, is an incredibly versatile desktop roll laminator that laminates both single and double sided prints as well as mounting PSA and heat activated foam boards, making this compact machine an excellent option for companies that have various lamination needs.
The LPP4513 will laminate film rolls up to 18 inches wide with thicknesses ranging between 1.2mil and 5mil with a variable speed that goes up to 10 feet per minute. The mandrels accept 1" and 3" core sizes and the roller pressure gaps to allow foam boards up to 1/4" wide to be simultaneously mounted and laminated in a single pass.
New LPP4513: $4,721.85
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