VeloBind & SureBind Binding Machines

Our Velobind equipment, manufactured by GBC, allows you to bind 11-pin velobind and surebind books up to 3" in width with a simple punch and bind process that guarantees your pages won't fall out by securing them between two fused plastic spines.
Velobind systems are great for law firms, real estate offices and companies looking for an easy to use binding system providing a sleek look that is extremely durable.
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The debinder tool, manufactured by GBC, is a great manual solution for debinding any Velobind, Surebind or SecureBind book.
With a heavy duty razor firmly secured to a handheld plastic grip, the debinder will easily slice through Velobind strips without damaging pages of the book.
New Debinder Tool: $25
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The System One is our most basic Velobind (and SureBind compatible) machine featuring a manual punch and electric finisher.
With a punching capacity of 20 sheets per lift and an electric finisher that will bind books up to 14" in length and 1" in thickness in 10-12 seconds, the System One is a great low-volume binding solution for making attractive documents that won't come unbound.
New System One: $1,970.49
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The System Two is an all-in-one electric Velobind machine featuring an 11-pin punch and hot-knife finisher that's a step up in productivity from its predecessor, the System One.
The System 2 will punch up to 22 sheets per pass with the touch of a button and will bind books up to 2" (or 500 sheets) in thickness and up to 14" in length, effectively doubling the binding capacity of the System 1. The System Two's binding cycle is between 10-12 seconds long and produces a document with a book-like finish with pages that are permanently bound without unsightly holes or visible fasteners.
New System Two: $3,026.78
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The System Three Pro is an all-in-one electric Velobind and Surebind punch and finishing machine that will punch up to 25 sheets per lift and bind up to 3" or 750 sheets of paper, providing an incredible binding capacity with an extremely robust bind whose pages won't come out.
Punch options include a push-button, punch-sensor or foot pedal and the System 3 comes with a built-in debind function for editing and revising documents. The System 3 will also bind over-sized documents up to 14" in length, with a speedy binding cycle of 8 seconds for documents under 1" and ~18 seconds for documents over 1".
New System Three Pro: $4,501.25
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Browse our handpicked selection of heavy duty, electric modular paper punches, manufactured by punch experts Rhin-O-Tuff, Renz, James Burn and Akiles.
This powerful punch equipment will meet all your punch binding needs, featuring easily removable, interchangeable dies for every punch binding element (coil, comb, wire, Velobind, 3-Ring Binder, etc.) making them faster and more adaptable than other punch equipment.