Corner Rounding Punches

With our superb corner rounding machines, manufactured by Akiles, transforming the pointed corners of your document into elegant rounded angles is a simple task.
Choose between our medium-duty manual corner rounder (0.4 inches per cut) or our commercial-grade electric corner rounders (up to 2.75 inches per cut), depending on the volume handled in your workplace.
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Though it weighs only six pounds and stands at a diminutive 9" tall, the Diamond-1 manual corner rounder is crafted with the highest quality components, allowing it to easily punch through up to 0.4" of materials like PVC, polyester, leather, paper and polypropyline, seamlessly transforming the pointed edges of your materials into elegant rounded corners.
The Diamond-1 includes a radius alignment guide, plastic pads to stop the blade, "L" guide for square punches and a waste tray. A new Diamond-1 corner rounder comes equipped with a 1/4" interchangeable die with 1/8", 3/8", 45 degrees and half-moon dies also available for purchase separately.
New Diamond-1: $219
The Diamond-5 is a corner rounding powerhouse, with durable metal construction and a heavy duty motor, as well as a 1.97 inch cutting capacity that makes it ideal for large jobs requiring high productivity.
Whether you're working with PVC, polyester, leather, paper, polypropylene or another standard material, the powerful motor-driven die will easily round covers, pouches, pictures, IDs, invitations, postcards and more. The Diamond-5 is foot pedal operated, allowing the free use of both hands, and features an "L" guide to ensure that your materials are consistently aligned. When you purchase the Diamond-5, it comes with a 1/8" and 1/4" die (3/8" die available separately) as well as a work table for bigger rounding jobs.
New Diamond-5: $2,699
This price includes delivery, installation and one year of on-site service.
The Diamond-6 is a heavy duty corner rounder designed by paper-handling specialists at Akiles for high volume corner rounding of up to 600 sheets per pass, or 2-3/8 inches.
This industrial grade machine features a powerful 100 W foot-pedal operated electric motor and is incredibly versatile, with the ability to corner round plastic, paper, cardboard, leather and a wide variety of other materials. The protective safety cover and large operating table prevent your fingers from entering the cutting area during operation while the patented die design allows for micro-adjustments for smooth and accurate cuts. The Diamond-6 comes with a 1/4" die with 1/8", 3/8", Straight and Slot dies available separately.
New Diamond-6: $3,999
This price includes delivery, installation and one year of on-site service.
The Diamond-7 is the heaviest duty corner rounding machine we carry, with an industrial strength 200 W foot-pedal operated motor that will punch up to 2.75" or 700 sheets of paper in a single pass.
Though very similar, what separates the Diamond-7 from the Diamond-6, apart from its additional 3/8" cutting capacity and more powerful motor, is the detachable pressing bar which conveniently holds paper in place during the corner rounding process as a preventative measure for unwanted skewing, making it especially useful for very thick stacks of material. The large work table and protective cover make this machine extremely safe and ideal for high volume corner rounding operations.
New Diamond-7: $4,499
This price includes delivery, installation and one year of on-site service.