Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO Flatbed Automatic Sheet-Fed Digital Die-Cutter & Creaser

ColorCut FB9000PRO Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Intec
  • Maximum Media Size (Auto Sheet Feed): 480mm x 720mm (18.89" x 28.34")
  • Maximum Media Size (Manual Placement): 550mm x 850mm (21.65" x 33.46")
  • Minimum Media Size: 196.85mm x 284.98mm (7.71" x 11.21")
  • Maximum Media Weight / Stack Height: 25kg / 217.42mm (55.11lb / 8.55")
  • Media placement: Automatic sheet feeder or manual placement with multi-sheet productivity mode
  • Media pick-up method: Quad (4) vacuum suction pads. Adjustable for portrait/landscape feeding
  • Media hold-down method: 2 zone vacuum bed (high speed 750W vacuum pump included)
  • Sheet separation features: Forward facing air blade system with additional stainless steel sheet catches and air pulse knock down jet
  • Sheet advance method: Linear pneumatic cylinder piston
  • Cutting mat: Superior felt cutting underlay (one piece user replaceable) continuous belt
  • Registration system: High speed CCD Camera - Vision3 Registration System, using live video feed and advanced 8th generation ARMS
  • Job recognition: Advanced QR code technology for instant file recognition and registration
  • Mountable tools: Blade holder, creasing tool and pen tool (head is dual tool so any 2 can be fitted simultaneously)
  • Force / Pressure: Tool1 (Cut) up to 1,200gf / Tool2 (Crease) up to 1,500gf
  • Maximum Media Thickness: Paper/card up to 800 microns, up to 1000 microns for low density substrate
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 1,200mm/s
  • Blade Holder (included): Holds cutting blades; 30º, 45º or 60º with and without circlip for range of media types
  • Creasing Tool (included): Dual ended (wide & narrow) suitable for ≤800 micron card
  • Calibration Pen (included): Plotting pen used for auto-calibration. Can be used in either mountable location
  • Output tray: Modular, moveable collection tray
  • Power Requirements - Cutter: 120V / 13.6A / 750W
  • Power Requirements - Vacuum Pump: 120V / 9A / 750W
  • Power Requirements - Auto Sheet Feeder: Supplied by Cutter
  • Power Requirements - COmpressor: 120V / 7.2A / 780W
  • Dimensions (Fully Assembled): 112.2"W x 43.11"D x 62.99"H
  • Weight (Fully Assembled): 897lbs
  • Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

SPS One Year Local Warranty covers:

  • All expenses for parts, labor and travel time.
  • On-site service, typically by the next business day.
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Expand your business and production opportunities with the Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO auto sheet feeding flatbed digital cutting system. Designed to meet the needs of medium to short run production, the FB900PRO enables the cutting and creasing of any form of print, from a variety of materials including folding box boards, cards and paper label stocks to synthetic substrates and even magnetic media! Because the system provides exceptional deep creasing and crisp cutting, you can create stunning packaging and point of sale items, as well as gift boxes, utility packaging, vinyl decals, kiss cut labels and so much more!

The ColorCut FB9000PRO uses advanced digital contour cutting technology to follow artwork lines drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW® enabling you to cut and crease absolutely any shape, on demand, with no setup costs and no new software to learn. Using the Auto Sheet Feeder, for unattended operation, the maximum media size is 480mm x 720mm. However, larger sheets can be cut in manual mode up to 550mm x 850mm.

Perfect alignment of cut jobs is ensured with the high speed Vision3 registration and job recognition system, to quickly and accurately pinpoint the job registration marks as soon as each sheet has been loaded. An on-board, high resolution CCD camera also reads QR codes, which are created when designing cut jobs, enabling the FB9000PRO to automatically retrieve associated cut files.

The separate cutting and creasing tools operate independently of each other, reducing operation time, improving productivity and providing the ability to specify different speed modes for 'blended' or multi speed cut and crease for accurate fast throughput. The cutting tool is supplied with a range of blades enabling a wide range of media to be cut from labels up to 1,000 micron card stock with class-leading force that delivers a powerful 1.2kg for cutting and 1.5kg for creasing. The creasing tool is double-ended, offering a choice of wide or narrow crease with an option to assign multi-creases within the ColorCut Pro software, to aid the creasing of difficult substrates.

With the FB9000PRO's two-zone vacuum hold down, printed sheets are held securely in place on a revolving conveyor belt, felt cutting mat by a powerful vacuum produced from a 750W high speed pump (included). The cutting table features 2 suction zones so even difficult substrates can be held firmly in place. Air blade separation ensures perfect feeding by pre-separating the individual sheets, at the top of the media pile, as the stacker is raised for the next sheet feed and the air pulse knock down nozzle assists in knocking down media, that would normally mis-feed, by shooting a pulsed sequence of blasts down onto the top sheet, as the stacker lowers, to restack the sheet for fully unattended control. The pneumatic control center is located at the side of the feeder and offers full control over the generation, storage and delivery of air for the vacuum and pneumatic functions. This provides all the control needed for varying weights and types of media used.

We highly recommend the Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO to anyone looking for a medium and short-run production and prototyping solution for a variety of materials including folding box boards, cards, paper label stocks, vinyl decals, kiss-cut labels, synthetic substrates and even magnetic media. This professional production digital die-cutter is perfect for copy shops, schools and in-plant reprographics departments desiring to bring packaging, point of sale cards and kiss cut labels in-house. We want you completely satisfied with your purchase, which is why we include our Saddle Point Systems One Year Local Warranty for all Bay Area customers. If you're located within the greater San Francisco Bay Area, call us toll free at 855-880-7500 to set up a free demonstration of the ColorCut SC6500 at your place of business.

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ColorCut FB9000PRO Video Demonstrations

Showcasing the FB9000PRO's digital die-less sheet fed cutting, requiring no dies or stamps with class-leading forces for both cutting & creasing offers an almost limitless range of creative applications for packaging, POS, labels, and prototyping.

When a local customer purchases a new Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO automatic sheet feeding flatbed digital die-cutter from us, we include our Saddle Point Systems One Year Local Warranty at no additional charge as described above.

Our San Francisco Bay Area customers can extend their service coverage to two years by purchasing our Saddle Point Systems Extended Performance Guarantee for their ColorCut FB9000PRO for $2,200. In other words, you're paying for a one year service agreement and getting two years of complete coverage. Like our One Year SPS Warranty, our performance guarantee covers the cost of all parts, labor, travel time, on-site repair and, if requested, an annual preventative maintenance check to ensure your digital die-cutter is running optimally. Simply give us a call and one of our technicians will come to your company, usually by the next business day, and service your machine at no additional charge.

After purchasing the Extended Annual Performance Guarantee, we'll e-mail you our ColorCut FB9000PRO Service Agreement PDF for you to fill out. Then, either e-mail us a signed copy or mail us a signed hard copy to put the agreement in force. Annual service agreements must be purchased within 30 days of the original invoice date of your digital die-cutter and are not valid unless signed and on file with us.

Extended Annual Performance Guarantee: $2,200*
*Extended Annual Performance Guarantee only valid for S.F. Bay Area customers with purchase of Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO