Fujipla SAP 38 (1.5mil) Gloss Double-Sided ALM Film Rolls (2/Ctn)

Our SAP 38 (1.5mil) gloss lamination rolls give your printed sheets a magnificent luster while protecting them from moisture and preventing delamination or peeling when trimming out your document. Designed specifically for Fujipla ALM Automatic Laminators, including the ALM 3220, ALM 3230 and ALM 3222.
Per Ctn

Product Details

· Ctn Weight: 20lbs

· Thickness: 1.5mil (38 microns)

· Adhesive Type: Double-Sided, Gloss, Anti-Static

· Length: 984 Feet (300m)

· Width: 12.6 Inches (320mm)

· Quantity: 2 per Ctn

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