19-Ring Comb Binding Machines

Our heavy duty comb binding equipment allow for easy punching and assembling of 19-ring comb bound documents.
Whether you're producing comb bound books in high volumes and need a time saving all-in-one electric comb binding machine or prefer a manual comb opener for short-run projects, we've got the equipment to tackle any comb binding job.
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The CBM650 is a heavy duty plastic comb opener manufactured by Akiles that will open and close all standard sized comb spines ranging from 3/16" up to 2" in diameter, with a maximum opening length of 14".
The CBM650 features a rugged all-metal construction that guarantees years of productivity and its modular designs allows it to be used as a stand-alone device or mounted to a comb punch. The ambidextrous design of the CBM650 handle lets both left and right handed operators adroitly use this comb opener and with the comb size guide printed directly on the machine, you'll never have to guess what size comb spine to use on your document.
New CBM650: $160
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The Tamerica Tashin 240HB is a heavy-duty modular plastic comb opener that allows you to open and close all standard size binding combs (from 3/16" up to 2" in diameter) and up to 14" in length.
Its great price tag makes the Tashin 240HB perfect as a stand alone unit or as a mounted module to one of our modular punch machines. Includes two year manufacturer's warranty.
New Tashin 240HB: $209
Availability: In Stock
The Akiles AlphaBind-CM manual comb binding machine is ideal for those doing low to mid volume comb binding with mainly Letter-size (8.5" x 11") sheets.
The AlphaBind-CM has a high volume punch capacity, rated at 25 sheets of 20lb paper per lift, while being able to bind books up to 2 inches in width. The die disengagement pins allow for punching of all paper sizes without any partially punched holes while the side margin guide provides perfectly centered holes on your comb document.
New AlphaBind-CM: $355
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The CombMac-EX is a heavy duty electric comb binding machine which features a foot-pedal operated punch with a capacity of 25 sheets per lift as well as a manual comb opener that will open and close all standard sized comb spines ranging from 3/16" up to 2" in diameter.
This user-friendly machine features depth margin control which provides the correct punch depth margin for each comb size, maximizing document tear resistance, while the open punching throat allows for continuous punching of over-sized documents. The CombMac-EX also features side margin control to ensure an evenly centered punch while the metal die features 24 independently disengageable pins that prevent partial side-end perforation of your document.
New CombMac-EX: $879
Availability: In Stock
The Akiles AlphaBind-CE electric comb binding machine features a foot pedal operated comb punch with a punching capacity of up to 20 sheets of 20lb.
paper per lift. Paired with its depth and side margin control and the fully disengageable die pins, binding durable comb books has never been easier. Recommended for those who work mainly with Letter-size (8.5" x 11") documents.
New AlphaBind-CE: $967
Availability: In Stock
Browse our handpicked selection of heavy duty, electric modular paper punches, manufactured by punch experts Rhin-O-Tuff, Renz, James Burn and Akiles.
This powerful punch equipment will meet all your punch binding needs, featuring easily removable, interchangeable dies for every punch binding element (coil, comb, wire, Velobind, 3-Ring Binder, etc.) making them faster and more adaptable than other punch equipment.