MBM VRCut Ready Triumph 5260 Programmable Cutter With Ir Safety Lights

MBM Triumph 5260 (VRCut) Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: MBM Corporation
  • Cutting Width: 20 3/8"
  • Cutting Height: 3"
  • Narrow Cut: 1 3/8"
  • Cutting Length Behind Blade: 20 3/8"
  • Motor Output: 2 horsepower
  • Dimensions: 44"D x 33 7/8"W x 51"H (56 1/2"W with side tables)
  • Shipping Weight: 657 lbs. (677 lbs. with side tables)
  • Electrical Requirements: 115 V, 60 Hz (20 amp dedicated line required)
  • UL and C UL approved
  • Warranty: Saddle Point Systems One Year Warranty (Manufacturer's Warranty for non-local customers)

SPS One Year Local Warranty covers:

  • All expenses for parts, labor and travel time.
  • On-site service, typically by the next business day.
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The MBM Triumph 5260 is a heavy duty programmable cutter that is powerful, easy to operate and incredibly safe. In addition to the standard features of MBM's comprehensive SCS safety package, including electronic blade activation bars, switch locks, low voltage, IDEAL safety drive, automatic blade and clamp return and a disc brake for instant blade stop, what distinguished the Triumph 5260 from other heavy duty cutters in its class are the infrared safety light beams on the front table that prevent the cutter from operating if any obstruction is blocking the light, guaranteeing no stray hands or body parts on the table while cutting. For extra safety, the 5260 is designed so its blade depth can be adjusted from outside of the machine and, when needed, the blade or cutting stick can be replaced without removing the machine's cover.

The 37 inches between the ground and the table creates an ergonomic operating space and the two-handed electric blade and clamp drive make cutting entire reams of paper a simple matter and, with its formidable 3 inch cutting depth and 20 3/8 cutting width, the Triumph 5260 can handle everything but the largest oversized sheets. The electric back gauge is driven with a dial and the measurements are displayed on the digital touchpad, which allows you to easily program and store up to 99 programs with up to 99 steps in each (up to 15 repeat cuts can be integrated into a single step). The 5260 is already pre-programmed for standard paper sizes, with repeat cuts able to be performed by pressing the memory key. The automatic SET function allows you to reference your measurement while the EJECT function pushes out your cut paper for hand-free ejection of your materials. The self-diagnostic system indicates any errors on the digital display and the bright, LED optical cutting line identifies the exact spot the blade will cut. The 5260 includes a stand with a storage shelf, an easy access tool holder and paper blocking tool. For information about how to purchase the optional side tables to increase the work surface from 33 7/8" to 56 1/2", please call or e-mail us.

We highly recommend the MBM Triumph 5260 automatic programmable heavy duty cutter with IR safety lights to customers looking for the safest, most efficient cutting solution for mid to high volume paper trimming. We want you completely satisfied with your purchase, which is why we include our Saddle Point Systems One Year Local Warranty for all Bay Area customers. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 for a free consultation to see if the MBM Triumph 5260 is a good fit for your business' cutting and trimming needs.

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MBM Triumph 5260 (VRCut) Video Demonstrations

Demonstrating the cutting capabilities of the MBM Triumph 5260 automatic programmable cutter.

When a local customer purchases a new MBM Triumph 5260 programmable cutter from us, we include our Saddle Point Systems One Year Local Warranty at no additional charge as described above.

Our San Francisco Bay Area customers can extend their service coverage to two years by purchasing our Saddle Point Systems Extended Performance Guarantee for their Triumph 5260 for $1,700. In other words, you're paying for a one year service agreement and getting two years of complete coverage. Like our One Year SPS Warranty, our performance guarantee covers the cost of all parts (except blades), labor, travel time, on-site repair and, if requested, an annual preventative maintenance check to ensure your guillotine cutter is running optimally. Simply give us a call and one of our technicians will come to your company, usually by the next business day, and service your machine at no additional charge.

After purchasing the Extended Annual Performance Guarantee, we'll e-mail you our MBM Triumph 5260 Service Agreement PDF for you to fill out. Then, either e-mail us a signed copy or mail us a signed hard copy to put the agreement in force. Annual service agreements must be purchased within 30 days of the original invoice date of your cutter and are not valid unless signed and on file with us.

Extended Annual Performance Guarantee: $1,700*
*Extended Annual Performance Guarantee only valid for S.F. Bay Area customers with purchase of MBM Triumph 5260 (VRCut)