Image Ready Custom Design & Print

Image Ready Strip Custom Design and Print

Printing Custom Image Strips

If you're interested in binding beautiful, custom printed Image Strips for the Fastback® 20 or Fastback® 9 but don't want to purchase and maintenancing an inkjet printer, worry about replacement inkjet cartridges or spend the time loading and printing image strips, Saddle Point Systems has the perfect solution: we'll print your Image Strips on demand and ship them directly to you! Here's the pricing breakdown for printing custom Image Strips, not including shipping cost.

Image Strip
Price Per
1-3 Boxes (150 Strips/Box) $2.00 Ea
4+ Boxes (150 Strips/Box) $1.75 Ea
*Custom Image Strips are sold by the box, with a minimum order of one box. Please contact us for pricing if you're interested in ordering smaller quantities.

Tutorial #1: How To Design Basic Even Wrap Image Strips

Tutorial #2: How To Design Basic Front Wrap Image Strips

The genius of the Image Ready Strip is its dual functionality, simultaneously binding your document while marketing your desired colors, graphics and information to your end-user. If you have already have image editing software you'd like to use to customize your strips, download our custom 11" Image Ready Strip Template for the Fastback Model 20 or Fastback Model 9. Templates available in Adobe PDF, Photoshop (.PSD) and Microsoft Word file formats (see above).

Image Ready Strip Graphic Design Service

Once downloaded, design your Image Strips to fit within the designated borders on the template. The black lines represent the lines of the actual Image Strip while the pink/red borders represent the overflow area to ensure full bleed coverage. For a more detailed explanation of how Image Ready Strips work, with useful hints and tricks, take a look at this short video.

If you'd like our assistance with designing custom Image Strips, please call us for pricing.

After designing your Image Strips, send a PDF of the file to and we'll start printing upon final approval. It's important to remember that the color of the PDF reflected on the computer screen is going to vary slightly from the color printed on the Image Strip. Typically, these color differences are imperceptible but tweaking the RGB values may be required for customers seeking exact color matching.

Proof & Finalization

We offer two options to proof and finalize the custom Image Strips before printing:

1. If exact color matching isn't a priority and "really close" is good enough, we'll print and scan a sheet of the customized Image Strips and e-mail them as a PDF for your final approval.

2. If exact color matching is a priority or you'd like to test bind a few book to see how the Image Strips look, we'll print a proof sheet of three Image Strips and overnight them via USPS for a flat rate of $35.

We will proceed to print the customized Image Strips the same day as they are approved and guarantee their shipment via UPS Ground (unless otherwise specified) within two business days of approval.

All custom orders are exempt from free shipping, so the customer will pay the cost for standard UPS Ground shipping unless the project is time sensitive and requires expedited shipping (2nd Day, Next Day Air). Call us toll free at (855) 880-7500 for a quote on custom printed image strips or with any questions about the process.