Fastback® Image Blank Strips

Image Blank Strips are the newest binding innovation by Powis Parker, allowing any combination of colors, designs, photographs or text to be printed through an inkjet printer and bound using the Fastback® Model 20 and Fastback® Model 9.
By adhering three lightly textured peel-away strips to a sheet of paper, your printer will treat the strips like a 7.65" x 13.5" sheet, printing exactly what you want exactly where you want it using our PDF template. Image Blank strips can be wrapped 1.25" on the front or back cover as well as evenly on the spine of the book. The Image Blanks for the Model 20 are 2.2"W x 11"L and feed automatically into the machine, whereas the Image Blank LX Strips are 2"W x 11"L and feature a scored fold-point wherein you manually place your document.
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