Fujipla LPV1600 DUO System 63" Thermal & Pressure Laminator

LPV1600 DUO System Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Fujipla
  • Maximum Lamination Width: 63 inches
  • Laminating Film Thickness: 1.2 - 10mil
  • Maximum Mounting Thickness: 1 inch
  • Film Types: PSA and Thermal
  • Lamination Speed: 0 - 12 feet/minute
  • Temperature Range: Room Temperature - 270°F
  • Dual Temperature Control: Upper and Lower
  • Heated Rollers Upper & Lower: Room Temp. - 270°F
  • Unwind Mandrels Upper & Lower: 3in. Core
  • PSA Liner take up Mandrel top: 3in. Core
  • Gross Weight Laminator: 704lbs
  • Stand Weight (included): 130lbs
  • Power Requirements: 230VAC Single Phase
  • Wattage: 5150
  • Plug Type: Nema N6-30P
  • Warranty: Saddle Point Systems One Year Warranty (Manufacturer's Warranty for non-local customers)

SPS One Year Local Warranty covers:

  • All expenses for parts, labor and travel time.
  • On-site service, typically by the next business day.
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The LPV1600 DUO System, manufactured by Fujipla, is a wide format laminator and mounter with a 63 inch laminating width that can churn out laminated materials at a rate of 12 feet per minute. Aside from a 16 inch increase in width from its brother model, the LPV1200 DUO (47" wide), the specifications are identical. The LPV1600 will laminate film ranging from 1.2mil - 10mil in thickness and runs both thermal and cold pressure sensitive (PSA) films, making it perfect for paper stocks, porous materials, non-porous synthetic stocks, floor graphics, decals and signage. The mechanical actuated roller will mount material up to 1 inch in thickness, allowing for extra thick, extra wide foam board with convenient marks on the mandrels at 38 inches and 43 inches for easy film alignment.

The LPV1600 comes with a heavy duty stand mounted on casters and includes a release liner and output rewinders for pressure sensitive film rolls. Some key safety features include an emergency shutoff button, cooling fans to ensure the machine doesn't overheat, nip area sensors that stop the roller from advancing when tripped and a nip area safety shield that swings up for easy threading and cleaning. Additionally, the LPV1600 DUO System comes a foot pedal web advance for hands free operation and a digital temperature readout for the top and bottom nip rollers for added precision.

We highly recommend this incredibly versatile laminating and mounting system to anyone looking to laminate high volumes of large format materials. We want you completely satisfied with your purchase, which is why we include our Saddle Point Systems One Year Local Warranty for all Bay Area customers. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 with any questions regarding the LPV1600 DUO System or for a free consultation to see if this machine is a good fit for your business' lamination needs.

New LPV1600 DUO System: $20,795
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When a local customer purchases a new Fujipla LPV1600 DUO System 63" wide format thermal and pressure roll laminator from us, we include our Saddle Point Systems One Year Local Warranty at no additional charge as described above.

Our San Francisco Bay Area customers can extend their service coverage to two years by purchasing our Saddle Point Systems Extended Performance Guarantee for their LPV1600 DUO System for $2,100. In other words, you're paying for a one year service agreement and getting two years of complete coverage. Like our One Year SPS Warranty, our performance guarantee covers the cost of all parts, labor, travel time, on-site repair and, if requested, an annual preventative maintenance check to ensure your wide format laminator is running optimally. Simply give us a call and one of our technicians will come to your company, usually by the next business day, and service your machine at no additional charge.

After purchasing the Extended Annual Performance Guarantee, we'll e-mail you our Fujipla LPV1600 DUO System Service Agreement PDF for you to fill out. Then, either fax us a signed copy or mail us a signed hard copy to put the agreement in force. Annual service agreements must be purchased within 30 days of the original invoice date of your laminator and are not valid unless signed and on file with us.

Extended Annual Performance Guarantee: $2,100*
*Extended Annual Performance Guarantee only valid for S.F. Bay Area customers with purchase of Fujipla LPV1600 DUO