How To Use MBM GoCrease SEMI Semi-Automatic Creaser & Perforator

Jim Kelly demonstrates the capabilities of MBM's new semi-automatic creasing and perforating machine, the GoCrease SEMI. The GoCrease SEMI is a programmable, semi-automatic creasing and perforating machine that will process up to 1,500 sheets per hour, creasing paper weights between 80-400 gsm and perfing between 80-250 gsm. The GoCrease SEMI will perform up to 15 programmable creases per sheet and is preprogrammed with 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, gate and book cover creases.

The SEMI has a working width of 3.9 to 18 inches, with a minimum crease distance of 0.03 inches and maximum crease distance of 39.3 inches. This machine automatically measures sheet sizes and utilizes a touch screen display for easily programming distance and number of creases. Sheets are manually input into the single-sheet feeder and moved by an internal motor.

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