How To Automatically Feed, Laminate & Trim Prints with Fujipla ALM 3230

Jim Kelly demonstrates the brand new ALM 3230 automatic laminating and trimming machine. This ultra efficient, compact and competitively priced laminator automates the entire lamination process by feeding, laminating and trimming your printed materials at a fixed rate of 40 inches per second with variable temperature settings between 170 - 270┬░F. The ALM3230 takes sheet sizes as wide as 13 inches with no length limitations and is compatible with paper weights ranging from 20lb bond to 100lb cover. You can tell the laminator to leave a margin for full incapsulation or to trim right to the edge of the sheet, with the ability to adjust the cut dimensions on all four sides of your paper, giving you total control over how your sheet looks. Lamination rolls are available in 1.2mil, 1.5mil. 3mil and 5mil widths in gloss, matte and silk matte varieties.