Browse our collection of Fujipla laminating equipment on one easy-to-navigate page, including our fully automatic, desktop and wide format laminators. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 with any questions regarding the FUJIPLA product line.

Fully Automatic Laminators manufactured by Fujipla, Inc.

Our fully automatic laminators are incredibly efficient, automatically feeding, laminating and trimming stacks of paper at the touch of a button, dramatically cutting operating costs. The ALM3230 automatically laminates and trims at a steady pace of 40 inches/minute while the speedier ALM3222 maxes out at 68 inches/minute. Both machines can laminate single or double sided film and will trim digital prints up to 13 inches in width and virtually any length.

Desktop Roll Laminators manufactured by Fujipla, Inc.

Lamination protects your pages from ripping, deterioration and moisture while enhancing any document with a pristine, professional look. Our desktop roll laminating machines provide high quality, professional looking prints that will never de-laminate. These versatile, heavy duty machines will do single and double sided lamination with widths up to 27" and film thicknesses ranging from 1.2mil to 5mil.