3mil, 185' Auto-Threading Gloss Lamination Film Cartridge for GBC Foton 30 (2 Rolls/Ctdg)

The high-capacity 3mil gloss lamination refill cartridge for the GBC Foton 30 comes with 185' of auto-threading film and provides the same protection of a lamination pouch with edge-sealed encapsulation without having to manually insert and feed every pouch individually.
Per Ctdg

Product Details

· Manufacturer: GBC / ACCO Brands

· Ctdg Weight: 15lbs

· Thickness: 3mil

· Adhesive Type: Double-Sided, Gloss

· Length: 185 Feet

· Width: 11.5 Inches

· High Capacity: True

· Part Number: FOTONC003B

· Quantity: 2 Rolls per Ctdg

Machine Compatibility

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