7 Reasons the SilverStrike is our Favorite Photobook Stitcher

SilverStrike Prime Photobook Stitcher

If you’ve ever wanted to bind your own photo books or hardcovers but didn’t want to invest in an expensive, bulky piece of production equipment, we highly recommend the SilverStrike Prime Stitcher.

We are regularly asked about low-cost hardbound books that don’t fall apart and, after searching high and low without any satisfactory results, we decided to come up with our own solution by combining the power and precision of a Rapid 5080e heavy duty stapler with a specially designed stitching table, giving our customers a quick and easy-to-use binding machine that produces superb books up to 0.3 inches wide at an affordable price.

1. Flat-clinch staples that truly lay flat

Unlike a standard stapler, which punches each staple through the paper and folds it around the back page with the ends protruding in two arcing bows, the SilverStrike Prime folds and clinches its staples completely flat against the book. This not only creates a much cleaner bind that won’t snag or come apart but also allows the staples to be completely hidden by endleaves for seamless photo books and hardcovers.

Standard versus lay flat staples.

Standard staples compared to flat-clinch staples.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a side-stitched book block is incredibly strong compared to other types of binding solutions and creates a permanent bind that is sure to last.

Front side of stitched book.

Front side of stitched book.

Back side of stitched book.

Back side of stitched book.

2. Adjustable stitch depth

The SilverStrike Prime has two adjustable backstops that can be positioned to the exact depth you desire by loosening and tightening the set screws. This allows you to stitch your document as close to or as far from the edge of the spine as you desire, with more than 1/2″ of variability, with the backstops themselves providing a straight edge to slide your book against as you’re stitching for precise and consistent results.

Backstop adjusted to deepest position.

Backstop adjusted to deepest position.

The solid aluminum tabletop component of the SilverStrike Prime is machined to perfection, offering a light but incredibly strong surface to bind your books that won’t easily flex or break like plastic.

Book bound at different stitching depths.

Book bound at different stitching depths.

Additionally, the silk-screened 1/2 inch incremental guidelines allow you to consistently and accurately stitch a book in seconds.

SilverStrike silk-screened guidelines

Guidelines silk-screened in 1/2 and 1 inch increments with markers for stitching top and bottom of book.

3. High speed, pedal operated stitching

The rapid stapling head is specially designed for high-speed, successive stitching and fires as fast as you can press the foot pedal. Most documents can be bound in less than 10 seconds, depending on the number of staples used.

SilverStrike foot pedal

Unlike manual systems that require one hand on the stitching device and one on the document, a foot pedal allows for quick two-handed guidance of your books and additional control so you don't have to worry about skewed binding.

4. Remarkably low-cost binding

At $842, this is one of the most inexpensive ways to produce beautiful and near-indestructible hardcovers and photo books. In addition to the low retail price, the cost of the staple cartridges is also incredibly economical; even using as many as 5 staples to bind each book, you can potentially bind 1,000 books per cartridge at a stitching cost of less than 4 cents per book.

5. Easy, quiet, lightweight and durable

One of the nicest things about the SilverStrike Prime is the ease of its operation. Simply plug the stitching unit in, attach your foot pedal, set your guides to the proper depth and slide your stacked pages along the aluminum table while side-stitching your book block.

Weighing in at a mere 15lbs with a frame that takes up less than a cubic square foot (19.5″L x 13″W x 6″H) of space, the SilverStrike Prime is perfect for smaller offices, classrooms, homes or other business settings that don’t have room for big equipment. As far as shelf space is concerned for the SilverStrike’s supplies, a shoe box full of cartridges will provide enough staples to bind thousands of books. When not in use, the stapler unit detaches from its aluminum frame for easy storage.

Additionally, the unique design of the stitch head reduces vibration, making for an extremely quiet action when binding your books. If noise is a concern when it comes to choosing a stitcher, this machine is a great option.

6. Extra wide bind, high-capacity cartridge

The powerful stitching head on the SilverStrike Prime will pierce stacked pages up to 0.3″ wide (depending on material) or 80 sheets of 20lb paper. This extra wide binding depth offers you the greatest versatility in terms of book thickness/material and provides a best-in-class binding capacity rating compared to similarly priced stitchers and electric staplers.

Extra wide binding capacity.

Covers folded along score lines.

Additionally, the SilverStrike's high-capacity staple cartridge makes this machine an excellent manual solution for mid-volume stitching projects. When reloading a normal stapler, the maximum number of staples it will accept is between 200-250 but with the SilverStrike Prime, each cartridge is pre-loaded with a whopping 5,000 staples which means you can bind more than a thousand books at a time without ever having to touch the machine. To replace a cartridge when you do finally run out of staples, simply open the cover of the stapling mechanism, pull the old cartridge out and pop the new one in.

High capacity staple cartridge.

High capacity cartridge removed from stitching unit.

7. Maintenance-free; all wear parts replaced with each cartridge

One of the great design features of the SilverStrike Prime stitcher is that its main operating components, the driver blade and staple former blade, are both replaced each time you run out of staples, dramatically increasing the longevity of the machine. Like a car getting a tuneup every 5,000 miles, the SilverStrike Prime and is like a new machine every time you use 5,000 staples.

Open stitching unit with staple cartridge removed.

Open stitching unit with staple cartridge removed.