Digital Foil Printers

Our powerful digital foil printing technology, manufactured by the document finishing experts at Powis Parker, allows you to customize the covers and spines of your bound books with vibrant metallic foil in any text or design of your liking.
Stay a step ahead of the competition with professional book customizations that not only look great but cost a fraction of traditional foil stamping and have a much quicker turnaround time.
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Now you can foil print your own covers! The FoilFast® P21 prints a custom title or vector artwork file in stunning 600DPI on your document's front or back cover using advanced foil printing technology on specially manufactured presentation covers whose surface prevents the foil from scratching or chipping.
Using your PC or MAC, simply design your cover, choose amongst the four vibrant colors of FoilFast® cartridges and print. It's that easy. Get on-demand document customization with no metal dies, no set-up fees and no unnecessary waiting.
Refurbished FoilFast® P21: Currently Unavailable
With the PowisPrinter® P31 Spine Printer you can easily customize a Fastback® Super Strip to decorate the spine of your book with elegant foil printing in a few simple clicks.
Print any font, logo or vector art for easy identification on your book shelf using patented PowisPrinter Cartridges available in gold, silver, black and white. The P31 prints strips that can be bound with either the Fastback® Model 11, Model 15xs or Model 20 for a streamlined operation that produces aesthetic books with super strong binds.
Refurbished PowisPrinter® P31: $2,495
This price includes delivery, installation and one year of on-site service.