Akiles AlphaCoil-E Electric Coil Binding Machine

AlphaCoil-E Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Akiles
  • Punching Operation: Electric (Foot Pedal/Manual Button)
  • Inserting Operation: Electric (Foot Pedal)
  • Punching Capacity: Up to 20 sheets (20 lbs paper)
  • Hole Size: Round (4mm)
  • Pitch: Standard 4:1 (0.25")
  • Punching Length: Up to Letter / A4 Size
  • Binding Capacity: Up to 1" (Electric) / Up to 2" (Manual)
  • Weight & Volume: 49 lbs & 1.9 CbFt
  • Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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The AlphaCoil-E is an all-in-one electric coil binding system that allows you to easily and quickly produce coil documents with one intuitive machine. The powerful foot pedal operated motor punches 20 sheets per pass and features disengageable punching pins that allow you to easily and accurately punch multiple paper sizes without nicking the edges of your document. With the convenient side margin guide and foot pedal, the operator can use two hands to manipulate their document, ensuring total control that will greatly reduce punching alignment errors.

In addition to its electric punch, the AlphaCoil-E features a heavy duty coil inserter with a full-size coil inserting roller that will binding coil books up to 1" in width. The operation mode switch allows you to easily toggle between Punch and Insert modes, while the ergonomical grooves where your books rests help align the spine of your book for maximum coil binding efficiency. The AlphaCoil-E comes with a manual crimping pliers, a crimper holder for convenient access and storage and an anti-dust cover that keeps the machine dust free when not in use.

We highly recommend the AlphaCoil-E to anyone doing mid-volume coil binding looking for an affordable all-in-one coil binding machine that will reliably punch and bind professional looking documents.Ā Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 with any questions regarding the Akiles AlphaCoil-E or for a free consultation to see if this machine is a good fit for your business' coil binding needs.

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AlphaCoil-E Video Demonstrations

Demonstrating features and operation of the Akiles AlphaCoil-E all-in-one coil binding machine.