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These heavy duty Triumph cutters are a must have for anyone doing high volume paper cutting. Whether you're making fine adjustments to your already-bound documents or resizing larger coverstock, these machines guarantee power, precision and ease of operation. And with their innovative Safety Cutting System, you're ensured the highest standard of safety while cutting and performing routine maintenance. Whether you need fully automated high volume cutting machines or smaller manual cutters, we can help you. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 for your best pricing on these cutters.

MBM Triumph 4305 Manual Guillotine CutterMBM Triumph 4305 Manual Guillotine Cutter

The MBM Triumph 4305 Manual Ream Paper Cutter is the best in its class in terms of precision, durability and overall performance quality. The patented Safety Cutting System features a number of sensible precautions that assure operator safety while cutting. The soligen steel blades and all-metal construction are of the highest caliber and the extra large cut lever requires minimal effort for clean cuts. Capable of cutting documents 16.875" wide and 1.5" thick. Stand optional.

New Triumph 4305: $2,045

MBM Triumph 4315 Electric Guillotine CutterMBM Triumph 4315 Electric Guillotine Cutter

The MBM Triumph 4315 Electric Ream Paper Cutter is an upgraded, semi-automatic verison of the 4305, featuring the patented Safety Cutting System with electronically controlled front safety guard, automatic blade return from every position and true two-hand operation. The electric blade drive, combined with the soligen steel blade and spindle-guided back gauge makes cutting a large volume of paper extremely easy and with the LED optical cutting line, every cut is a sure one.

New Triumph 4315: $4,199

MBM Triumph 4850 Automatic Guillotine CutterMBM Triumph 4850 Automatic Guillotine Cutter

The Triumph 4850, manufactured by MBM Corporation, is a heavy duty fullyautomatic paper cutter with digital display that makes high volume paper cutting tasks a breeze, easily slicing through up to 3 inches of paper in one pass. The Triumph 4850 features a digital display for precise back gauge positioning as well as an automatic clamp that evenly applies pressure along the entire cutting width for clean cuts that are accurate within 1/10mm. With a maximum cutting width of 18 5/8" and a table length of more than 30", this fantastic cutter will handle many different paper sizes.

New Triumph 4850: $8,999

MBM Triumph 5255 Automatic Programmable Guillotine CutterMBM Triumph 5255 Automatic Programmable Guillotine Cutter

The Triumph 5255, manufactured by MBM Corporation, is an automatic electronic programmable paper cutter which stores 99 programs with up to 99 steps each, providing unparalleled precision and efficiency for paper cutting tasks with frequently used measurements. Like its non programmable brother model, the Triumph 4850, the 5255 easily slices through up to 3 inches of paper in one pass, with a digital readout and bright LED cutting line that guarantees accuracy up to 1/100 of an inch.

New Triumph 5255: $10,999