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Our paper handling equipment includes a wide variety of processing, handling and finishing machines that are guaranteed to boost efficiency in any work environment. Our guillotine cutters offer an excellent combination of power, safety and affordability for high volume paper cutting, while out rotary trimmers are ideal for putting super accurate finishing touches on over-sized sheets. We also carry fantastic corner rounding equipment, paper joggers, all-in-one digital finishing systems, folders, scorers and creasers from a variety of excellent manufacturers. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 for a consultation to find out which paper handling equipment is best suited for your place of business.

These heavy duty Triumph tabletop cutters are a must have for anyone doing high volume paper cutting. Whether you're making fine adjustments to your already-bound documents or resizing larger coverstock, these machines guarantee power, precision and ease of operation. And with their innovative Safety Cutting System, you're ensured the highest standard of safety while cutting and performing routine maintenance. Our most basic manual guillotine cutters are the Triumph 4305 (manual) and 4315 (electric) while the Triumph 4850 automatically clamps and cuts your paper and the Triumph 5255 allows you to store up to 99 programs for high volume, multi-step cutting tasks.

MBM Triumph 4305 Manual Guillotine CutterMBM Triumph 4305 Manual Guillotine Cutter

MBM Triumph 4315 Electric Guillotine CutterMBM Triumph 4315 Electric Guillotine Cutter

MBM Triumph 4850 Automatic Guillotine CutterMBM Triumph 4850 Automatic Guillotine Cutter

MBM Triumph 5255 Automatic Programmable Guillotine CutterMBM Triumph 5255 Automatic Programmable Guillotine Cutter

Our heavy duty electric tabletop folders, manufactured by MBM Corporation, come in manual and automatic programmable models that allow you to fold sheets ranging from 4" x 5" up to 11" x 17" at the touch of a button. Fold points are fully adjustable in both the MBM 93M and MBM 307A, which rapidly perform standard folds such as half, letter and Z. The 307A stores up to 18 custom folds in its memory, with skew and micro-adjustment dials, while the 93M requires the operator to adjust the fold plates with each new job.

MBM 93M Manual Tabletop FolderMBM 93M Manual Tabletop Folder

MBM 307A Automatic Programmable FolderMBM 307A Automatic Programmable Folde

Our scorers and creasers range from completely manual tabletop models to fully programmable models that automatically feed and crease a high volume of sheets with incredible precision. These machines are the perfect tool for any project where clean creases are a must, especially for scoring perfectbound covers, making endleaves, creating greeting cards, folded mailers, etc. Choose between our ProCrease-M2 or Fastback® Scoring Machine for an easy manual scoring solution or something like our new MBM iCrease EXCEL for an all-in-one automatic programmable scorer, creaser and perforator.

James Burn ProCrease-M2 Manual CreaserJames Burn ProCrease-M2 Manual Creaser

Powis Parker Scoring Machine SM1Powis Parker Scoring Machine SM1

MBM iCrease PRO Manual Programmable CreaserMBM iCrease PRO Manual Programmable Creaser

MBM iCrease EXCEL Automatic Programmable CreaserMBM iCrease EXCEL Automatic Programmable Creaser

MBM iCrease AIR High Speed Programmable CreaserMBM iCrease AIR High Speed Programmable Creaser

If your document requires precision page trimming or if you're looking to make an accurate cut on a stack of semi-rigid materials, we have a great selection of heavy duty manual guillotine cutters as well as rotary trimmers. Check out our Keencut Sabre Series 2 for a versatile general purpose cutter or our Roll-@-Blade rotary trimmers available in 18" and 36" models.

Akiles Roll@Blade 1815 Rotary TrimmerAkiles Roll@Blade 1815 Rotary Trimmer

Akiles Roll@Blade 3615 Rotary TrimmerAkiles Roll@Blade 3615 Rotary Trimmer

Keencut Sabre Series 2 General Purpose CutterKeencut Sabre Series 2 General Purpose Cutter

With our superb corner rounding machines, manufactured by Akiles, transforming the pointed edges of your document into elegant rounded corners is a simple task. Choose between our medium-duty manual corner rounder (0.4 inches per cut) or our commercial-grade electric corner rounder (1.97 inches per cut), depending on the volume handled in your workplace.

Akiles Diamond-1 Manual Corner RounderAkiles Diamond-1 Manual Corner Rounder

Akiles Diamond-5 Electric Corner RounderAkiles Diamond-5 Electric Corner Rounder

Producing business cards, post cards, digital photos, checks and other smaller paper cutting tasks has never been easier with out automatic card cutting and slitting equipment. Our MBM BC 12 will automatically feed, cut and stack up to 60 business cards per minute, with 10 pre-set cutting modes and a self-correcting cut mark function to ensure accurate cuts every time. Meanwhile, for heavy duty and super heavy duty production, the MBM Aerocut and Aerocut G2 offer unprecedented efficiency in an all-in-one cutting, slitting, perforating and creasing package that will save both time and money with any big finishing job.

MBM BC-12 Automatic Business Card SlitterMBM BC-12 Automatic Business Card Slitter

MBM Aerocut Automatic Programmable Multifunction Finishing SystemMBM Aerocut Automatic Programmable Multifunction Finishing System

MBM Aerocut G2 Automatic Programmable Multifunction Finishing SystemMBM Aerocut G2 Automatic Programmable Multifunction Finishing System

Paper jogging equipment is an essential element to companies doing high volume book binding, especially for books with large numbers of pages. Our Martin Yale 400 electric paper jogger gently vibrates the pages of your document, dissipating static electricity and aligning the edge of your pages so they're reading to be bound with ease.

Martin Yale 400 Tabletop JoggerMartin Yale 400 Tabletop Jogger