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Our fully and semi-automatic laminating machines are made with efficiency in mind, automating the most difficult processes of lamination and allowing for dramatic reductions in time and energy expenditures. The ALM 3220 and 3222 are our fully automatic single/double sided laminator that feeds, laminates and trims almost any size digital print. The PLUSTER models are high speed single sided laminators that automatically feed hundreds of sheets with an excellent lamination speed ranging from 10 feet per minute to 13 feet per minute. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 for your best pricing on these revolutionary laminators.

Fujipla Al-Meister ALM3220 Fully Automatic LaminatorFujipla Al-Meister ALM3220 Fully Automatic Laminator

The ALM3220 is a fantastic laminator that automatically feeds, laminates and trims up to 200 sheets of paper at a time. This machine does single and double sided lamination up to 16.0mil thick with the ability to laminate coverstock as heavy as 130# at a rolling speed of up to 48 inches/minute. We highly recommend this superb system for anyone laminating 1,000+ pages per month.

New Al-Meister ALM3220: $17,995

Fujipla Al-Meister ALM3222 Fully Automatic LaminatorFujipla Al-Meister ALM3222 Fully Automatic Laminator

The Al-Meister ALM3222 is the next step in efficiency from its predecessor, the ALM3220, with a 25% increase (from 48in/min to 72in/min) in speed for automatically laminating and trimming sheets as heavy as 130#, long mode operation for oversized sheets and the ability to handle pages with dimensions up to 13" x 19". We highly recommend this superb system for anyone laminating 1,500+ pages per month and looking to save on operation costs.

New Al-Meister ALM3222: $19,995

Fujipla PLUSTER PLS3311 Single-Sided LaminatorFujipla PLUSTER PLS3311 Single-Sided Laminator

The Fujipla PLUSTER PLS3311 is a mid-range single sided laminator that is ideal for reprographics centers laminating 2,000 - 5,000 pages per month. The PLS3311 automatically feeds up to 300 sheets, laminates and separates sheets with minimal operator involvement allowing for the freedom to attend other tasks while your laminator is running. While not quite the powerhouse as its brother model, the PLS3310, the PLS3311 laminates at impressive speeds up to 10 feet per minute with maximum sheet dimensions of 14"W x 20"L.

New PLUSTER PLS3311: $25,995

Fujipla PLUSTER PLS3310 High Speed Single-Sided LaminatorFujipla PLUSTER PLS3310 High Speed Single-Sided Laminator

The PLUSTER PLS3310 semi-automatic laminator is the ultimate piece of equipment for single sided lamination. With its ability to automatically feed up to 900 sheets at 13 feet per minute, you get unparalleled efficiency with virtually no operator assistance. And with a maximum sheet capacity of 13 x 36", print size won't be an issue. This machine is sure to be an excellent profit generator, ideal for anyone doing high volume digital printing (10,000+ pages per month).

New PLUSTER PLS3310: $39,995