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Fastback® Tape Binding Strips by Powis Parker

super strip color fan

Our patented binding strip and its high-strength thermoplastic glue is key to the speed and strength of the Fastback® thermal tape binding system. Using Fastback® strips ensure your document is bound professionally and durably. Whether you're making tape bound books, perfect bound books, hardcover books or simply looking for a better binding solution, these strips will do it all. To find out more about our Fastback® Tape Binders, call us toll free at 855-880-7500.

The Super Strip™ is a textured, durable binding strip that will bind any book or document from 3-350 pages using patented thermal adhesive technology. It is the ideal way to bind for almost every project, offering a space saving, efficient and affordable solution compared to traditional binding systems. We carry 14 vibrant colors manufactured to match our Presentation Covers, giving your finished document a consistent and elegant feel.

narrow 11in. superstripnarrow 11in. superstrip

medium 11in. superstripmedium 11in. superstrip

wide 11in. superstripwide 11in. superstrip

narrow 8.5in. superstripnarrow 8.5in. superstrip

medium 8.5in. superstripmedium 8.5in. superstrip

wide 8.5in. superstripwide 8.5in. superstrip

Image Blank Strips are the newest binding innovation by Powis Parker, allowing any combination of colors, designs, photographs or text to be printed through an inkjet printer and bound using the Fastback® Model 20. By lightly glueing three peel-away strips to a sheet of paper, your printer will treat the strips like an 7.65" x 13" sheet, printing exactly what you want exactly where you want it using our PDF template, which gives a precise rendering of the dimensions of the image strips what you design matches what prints.

Wide Image Blank Strips for Fastback Model 20Wide Image Blank Strips for Fastback Model 20

Perfectback® Strips enables your Fastback® 15xs to make beautiful perfect bound books with permanent binds. We offer three types of perfect binding strips, each used for different perfect binding tasks. Our LF strip is best for books to be layed flat for display, our PS allows for heat sensitive materials for the wraparound cover and our TA padding strips offers a quick means to make an adhesive paper pad.

narrow perfectback strips 11in.narrow perfectback strips 11in.

medium perfectback strips 11in.lmedium perfectback strips 11in.l

wide perfectback strips 11in.wide perfectback strips 11in.

This unique binding strip is designed specifically for use with the compact Fastback® 9 system, relying on manual insertion instead of automatic feeding featured in the Model 11 and Model 15xs. These textured strips utilize the same thermoplastic technology as SuperStrips and are available in Narrow and Medium sizes in black, dark blue and white.

narrow lx strips 11in.narrow lx strips 11in.

medium lx strips 11in.medium lx strips 11in.

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