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Pouch Laminating Systems

If you're looking for a reliable laminator with a small footprint that produces professional quality laminated prints, our pouch laminators are an excellent option for low to mid volume production. Our Akiles ProLam Ultra can use a wide variety of pouches up to 13" in width and 14mil thickness, giving you the versatility to laminate most sheet sizes and types, including photo lamination, with a fantastic price tag on both machine and laminating pouches. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 to set up a free demonstration of a pouch laminator or more for information regarding pricing and sizes of lamination pouches.

Akiles ProLam Ultra Photo Pouch LaminatorAkiles ProLam Ultra Photo Pouch Laminator
The ProLam Ultra, manufactured by Akiles, is a heavy duty pouch laminator that produces crystal clear laminated prints quickly and consistently. With 4 heated and 2 cold rollers, the ProLam Ultra ensures that your laminate is bubble free while maintaining an impressive speed of 53" per minute. The ProLam Ultra is extremely versatile, able to laminate pouch sizes up to 14mil thick, featuring a 13 inch throat capacity that will take media up to 1/8 inch thick. This is a very user friendly machine, with a digital display that allows you to adjust 9 different speed settings or use 6 preset memory functions for repetitive lamination tasks.

New ProLam Ultra: $709

Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 High Speed Pouch LaminatorAkiles ProLam Ultra-X10 High Speed Pouch Laminator
The ProLam ULTRA-X10, manufactured by Akiles, is a super fast pouch laminator that produces crystal clear laminated prints quickly and consistently at a maximum laminating speed of 142 inches, or nearly 12 feet, per minute making it unparalled in terms of laminating efficiency. This versatile laminating system features 6 heated rollers and 4 cold rollers that can laminate materials up to 1/8 inch thick and pouches up to 14mil thick, with a maximum laminating width of 13 inches. The ProLam ULTRA-X10 also has a digital display for fine adjustments with heat and speed, including a memory function for repeat laminating projects and 9 different speed settings.

New ProLam Ultra-X10: $1,598

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