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Our manual and heavy duty tabletop folders, scorers and creasers are the perfect tools for any volume project where clean creases are a must, especially for scoring perfectbound covers, making endleaves, creating greeting cards, folded mailers, etc. Choose between our ProCrease-M2 or Fastback® Scoring Machine for an easy manual scoring solution, our MBM 93M for a manual tabletop folder, the MBM 307A for an automatic programmable folding solution or the Count EZ Creaser for an all-in-one automatic scorer, creaser and perforator. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 for your best pricing on these machines.

James Burn ProCrease-M2 Manual Creasing MachineJames Burn ProCrease-M2 Manual Creasing Machine
The James Burn ProCrease-M2 Manual Creasing Machine, like all of our specialty finishing equipment, is a sturdy and dependable machine with an extremely attractive pricetag. Featuring a creasing channel specifically designed to prevent cracking in toner based digitally printed graphics and two magnetic paper stops to assure exact positioning on repetitive jobs, the JB ProCrease-M2 is ideal for any company or organization doing small to medium-sized projects requiring creasing.

New ProCrease-M2: $295

Powis Parker Scoring MachinePowis Parker Scoring Machine
Create beautiful perfect bound softcover books with our sturdy and precise scoring machine. Simply line up your cover with the patented centering guide, press down on the ergonomic resistance lever and perfectly score your covers with ease. With the interchangeable die system, you can single score or double score any coverstock up to .50mm in thickness.

New Scoring Machine SM1: $1,295

MBM 93M Manual FolderMBM 93M Manual Folder
The 93M Manual Tabletop Folder, manufactured by paper handling specialists MBM Corporation, is a compact paper folder with a great price tag that packs a wallop when it comes to precisely folding documents. With a simple push of a button, you can fold up to 7,200 sheets per hour into either letter, half, z-fold or parallel fold patterns. The 93M tabletop folder is also extremely versatile, taking paper ranging in size from 4" x 5" to 8.5" x 14" while producing sharp folds for paper weights between 16 lbs. and 80 lbs.

New 93M Manual Folder: $579

MBM 307A Automatic Programmable FolderMBM 307A Automatic Programmable Folder
The 307A Automatic Programmable Tabletop Folder, manufactured by paper handling specialists MBM Corporation, is a superb paper folder that offers speed, versatility and automation that is simply unparalleled by other folders in its class. With the 3 roller feed system, you can smoothly churn out up to 11,520 sheets per hour in one of the six pre-programmed standard folds or one of 18 possible custom folds stored in the 307A's memory. The 307A automaticaly senses and displays paper size and with the automatic feed-conveyor and self-setting exit rollers, you're ensured smooth ejection of folded pages.

New 307A Automatic Programmable Folder: $3,464

Count EZ Creaser, Folder and PerforatorCount EZ Creaser, Folder and Perforator
The EZ Creaser's patented microprocessor programs creases accurate up to 1/100 of an inch and features a micro-adjustable crease bar to fine tune your measurements for the perfect crease. The EZ Creaser will compression crease up to 4,000 8.5"x11" sheets per hour and rotary perforate or score up to 12,000 8.5"x11" sheets per hour, making quick work of high volume projects. This superb creasing, scoring and perforating machine will take sheets ranging from 18" x 20" to 3" x 5", with the ability to feed single sheets, coated stocks, tickets or multipart forms (open or glued edges).

New EZ Creaser, Folder & Perforator: $7,950

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