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High Quality Presentation Binding Cover Stock

high quality binding cover stock
We offer a full line of coverstock compatible with any binding equipment we sell, including all of our Fastback® binding and printing equipment. We carry elegant leatherette covers in 10 colors, FoilFast printable composition covers, eco-friendly bindercovers in six colors, recyclable Adirondack vinyl covers, clear & frosted 7mil polyester covers (heat resistant) and clear 10mil vinyl (for punch systems). Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 or e-mail us with any questions on our binding cover stock.

Our heat resistant vinyl composition covers are latex-saturated and embossed with a kidskin leatherette finish for an elegant looking/feeling document. Great for fronts and backs of any book, these presentation binding covers can be used in punch bound or tape bound documents. Because the leatherette composition covers' surface is slightly more textured than FoilFast® covers, we do not recommend foil printing on them. Colors available in Black, Maroon, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Red, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, Ivory & Dark Brown. Sizes include 8.5 x 11", 9 x 11", 8.5 x 14" and 11 x 17".

8.5x11in. Leatherette Covers8.5x11in. Leatherette Covers

9x11in. Leatherette Covers9x11in. Leatherette Covers

8.5x14in. Leatherette Covers8.5x14in. Leatherette Covers

11x17in. Leatherette Covers11x17in. Leatherette Covers

These elegant yet durable FoilFast® composition covers are unmatched in quality or presentation, with a smooth textured leatherette surface specifically designed for printing with the FoilFast® Printer and heat resistant vinyl for tape binding with Fastback binders. FoilFast® compostiion covers provide dazzling foil designs, on-demand cover customization and color-matching binding strips for a consistent wrapped look that is highly desirable. Colors available in Black, Dark Blue & Maroon.

8.5x11in. Fastback FoilFast Composition Covers8.5x11in. Fastback FoilFast Composition Covers

Adirondack covers, our most economic vinyl covers, are an eco-friendly alternative to our vinyl composition covers, comprised of 50% recycled fiber with 15% post consumer waste. These durable report covers feature acrylic coating applied to a kraft-base on each side to resist stains and moisture and the covers themselves are 100% recyclable. We keep letter sized (8.5" x 11") Black Adirondack covers in stock.

8.5x11in. Adirondack Eco-Friendly Vinyl Binding Covers8.5x11in. Adirondack Eco-Friendly Vinyl Binding Covers

Our Classic Linen Bindercovers are made from high quality textured paper that is designed to match Super Strip colors for an elegant, uniform document that's inexpensive to make and easy to bind. Binder covers available in letter sized (8.5" x 11") without window in Black, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Maroon and White.

8.5x11in. Classic Linen Bindercovers, No Window8.5x11in. Classic Linen Bindercovers, No Window

Our clear vinyl report covers are manufactured with heavy duty transparent 10mil vinyl that will resist bending, moisture, smudging and scratches. These function as great presentation covers for punch bound documents requiring binding elements such as coil, wire, velobind or comb. The clear vinyl covers are not heat resistant and should not be used with Fastback® thermal tape binders. Sizes available in 8.5" x 11" and 9" x 11".

8.5x11in. Clear Vinyl Covers8.5x11in. Clear Vinyl Covers

9x11in. Clear Vinyl Covers9x11in. Clear Vinyl Covers

Our clear polyester report covers is the most popular cover stock for customers who do tape binding. Super resilient, clear poly covers are comprised of transparent heavy duty 7mil polyester that won't warp or melt while thermal tape binding. Additionally, these covers are compatible with the FoilFast cover printer making custom transparent covers as simple as designing and printing your page. Sizes available in 8.5" x 11", 9" x 11", 8.5" x 14" and 11" x 17".

8.5x11in. Clear Poly Heat Resistant Covers8.5x11in. Clear Poly Heat Resistant Covers

9x11in. Clear Poly Heat Resistant Covers9x11in. Clear Poly Heat Resistant Covers

8.5x14in. Clear Poly Heat Resistant Covers8.5x14in. Clear Poly Heat Resistant Covers

11x17in. Clear Poly Heat Resistant Covers11x17in. Clear Poly Heat Resistant Covers

Our frosted polyester report covers are semi-transparent, opaque sheets made of 7mil polyester that let your document shimmer through without ever showing fingerprints. These elegant, translucent sheets create a very classy look that is heat resistent and foil prints well. Sizes available in 8.5" x 11" and 9" x 11".

8.5x11in. Frosted Poly Covers8.5x11in. Frosted Poly Covers

9x11in. Frosted Poly Covers9x11in. Frosted Poly Covers

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