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If you're binding hardcover books or photo books, these helpful little machines will make assembly much easier. Our hardcover assembly guide, manufactured by Powis Parker, perfectly aligns your book block in its hardcover shell for consistent results while our SilverStrike Photobook stitcher uses a powerful inline stapler to provide a durable, accurate bind for books up to 0.3 inches in width in 10-15 seconds. For making your own custom hardcovers, be sure to check out our fabulous Powis Image Wrapper as well as the PhotoPress for making gorgeous, customized photobooks. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 for your best pricing on these machines.

Fastback Hardcover Assembly GuideFastback Hardcover Assembly  Guide
Eliminate any guesswork while assembling durable, professional quality hardcover books with our handy hardcover guide. With this nifty tool, you have an cost effective means to produce high quality books for resale or create personal memory books for yourself and loved ones.

New Hardcover Guide HCG2: $295

SilverStrike Photo Book Binding Machine and Heavy Duty StaplerSilverStrike Photo Book Binding Machine and Heavy Duty Stapler
The SilverStrike Prime is our patented heavy duty stapler that streamlines the hardcover binding process, allowing you to bind your books in 10 seconds or less. Effortlessly stitch up to ~80 sheets of 20# bond paper (twice the page capacity of other "heavy duty" staplers) with a flat clinch, giving you a consistent, professional bind with no protruding staples. And with our adjustable, incremented guide table you have total control over staple placement. Great for photobooks and hardcover books.

New SilverStrike Prime: $842

Powis Image WrapperPowis Image Wrapper
The Powis Image Wrapper is a fantastic piece of equipment that allows you to customize hardcover books with any printed cover in a wide variety of sizes, including landscape and portrait versions of 8.5" x 11", A4, 8" x 10", 12" x 12", 10" x 10" and 8" x 8". It's as simple as cutting your cover along one of the pre-made Image Wrapper templates, adhering it to the ImageBack hardcover and applying ImageBack liners to the inside of the book to secure the book block.

New Image Wrapper IW-1: $1,495

Powis PhotoPress Photo Book Binding SystemPowis PhotoPress Photo Book Binding System
The Powis PhotoPress is an innovative photo book binding system that quickly and easily turns silver-halide, dye-sub and inkjet prints into gorgeous, high quality photo books. Using a powerful electro-mechanical stepper motor, the PhotoPress uses pressure instead of heat to laminate photographic prints onto pressure-sensitive Signature sheets or boards. The minimum size of photo book the PhotoPress can bind is 4"H x 6"W, while the maximum size is 12"H x 13"W, with a maximum book thickness of 0.5 inches or approximately 35-40 photos.

New PhotoPress: $8,995

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