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Classic Linen Eco-Friendly Bindercovers

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Black Classic Linen BindercoversBlack Classic Linen Bindercovers Dark Blue Classic Linen BindercoversDark Blue Classic Linen Bindercovers Dark Brown Classic Linen BindercoversDark Brown Classic Linen Bindercovers Dark Green Classic Linen BindercoversDark Green Classic Linen Bindercovers Dark Grey Classic Linen BindercoversDark Grey Classic Linen Bindercovers Maroon Classic Linen BindercoversMaroon Classic Linen Bindercovers White Classic Linen BindercoversWhite Classic Linen Bindercovers

Our textured classic linen bindercovers are made from high quality paper that is designed to match Super Strip colors for an elegant, uniform document that's inexpensive to make and easy to bind. Colors available in letter sized (8.5" x 11") Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Maroon and White.

Fastback® Bindercovers 8.5" x 11", No Window (100/Pkg)

Fastback Bindercovers 8.5x11in.Fastback Bindercovers 8.5x11in.

1-9 Pkgs
(100 Sheets/Pkg)

10+ Pkgs
(100 Sheets/Pkg)

*Colors Combine For Quantity Discounts

Product Details
◦ Weight: 2.5lbs

◦ Thickness: 10pt (80 lb)
◦ Thermal Resistant: Yes
◦ Manufacturer: Powis Parker
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Dk Green
Dk Grey

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