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Adirondack covers, our most economic leatherette binding covers, are an eco-friendly alternative to our vinyl composition covers, comprised of a multi-ply cellulose paperboard that contains 50% recycled fiber with 15% post consumer waste. These durable report covers feature acrylic coating on each side to resist stains and moisture and the covers themselves are 100% recyclable. They are compatible with all loose-leaf binding systems, including thermal tape, coil, comb, wire and Velobind. We stock letter sized (8.5" x 11") Adirondack covers in Black and Dark Blue, but call us at 855-880-7500 to inquire about other sizes and colors.

Eco-Friendly Leatherette Adirondack Cover Sample
Black Adirondack Eco-Friendly Cover TextureBlack Adirondack Eco-Friendly Cover Texture Dark Blue Adirondack Eco-Friendly Cover TextureDark Blue Adirondack Eco-Friendly Cover Texture

Eco-Friendly Leatherette Adirondack Binding Covers 8.5" x 11" (100/Pkg)

Eco-Friendly Leatherette Adirondack Covers 8.5in x 11inEco-Friendly Leatherette Adirondack Covers 8.5in x 11in

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10+ Pkgs

Product Details
◦ Package Weight: 5lbs
◦ Sheet Thickness: 15pt (125lbs)
◦ Heat Resistant: Yes
◦ Cover Finish: Kidskin Embossed, Clear Acrylic Coating
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Dk Blue

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