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Producing classy hardcover books that feature the durability and appearance of commercially manufactured hardbound books has never been easier with Fastback® Tape Binders and Hardcover Assembly Guide. Profitably produce customizable suede and composition hardcovers with no set up fees or waste using our high quality paper endleaves, printable FoilFast® title sheets and decorative headbands. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 with any questions regarding how to bind stunning hardcover books.

Fastback® Hardbound Book Covers

Fastback® Composition Hardcovers are hardbound book cases wrapped with an extremely durable glossy vinyl finish that resists scuffing and moisture damage. The hardcovers feature self-adhesive innards that bind to the endleaves of the book block using the Fastback® Hardcover Assembly Guide. Composition hardcovers are an excellent choice for heavily handled documents that require a professional appearance. To customize hardcovers on-demand with no setup fee, print on our matching FoilFast® Composition Title Sheets that adhere directly to the book for an elegant foil printed front cover. Available in standard sized 8.5" x 11" sets of 25 hardcovers in Black, Dark Blue and White. Widths range from 0.25" to 1.5".

Black Composition Fastback® HardcoversBlack Composition Fastback® Hardcovers

Dark Blue Composition Fastback® HardcoversDark Blue Composition Fastback® Hardcovers

White Composition Fastback® HardcoversWhite Composition Fastback® Hardcovers

Fastback® Suede Hardcovers are beautiful portrait book casings with self-adhesive sheets that adhere the endleaves of the book block to the hardcover, using a Fastback® Tape Binder in conjunction with Powis' Hardcover Guide. We carry faux suede which is a luxurious, smooth texture that is both supple and aesthetically pleasing. Hardcovers with suede finishes have a tactile appeal that make them perfect for high end presentations, theses and self-published books. To customize hardcovers on-demand with no setup fee, print on our matching FoilFast® Suede Title Sheets that adhere directly to the book for an elegant foil printed front cover. Hardcovers are available in portrait sized 8.5" x 11" sets of 25 hardcovers with binding widths ranging from 0.25" to 1.5".

Black Suede Fastback® HardcoversBlack Suede Fastback® Hardcovers

Bright Blue Suede Fastback® HardcoversBright Blue Suede Fastback® Hardcovers

Maroon Suede Fastback® HardcoversMaroon Suede Fastback® Hardcovers

Check out our ImageBack supplies, manufactured by Powis Parker, to begin creating your very own custom wrapped hardcover books using the Image Wrapper system. With the peel-off adhesive liner surrounding the ImageBack Hardcovers, it's possible to neatly and efficiently adhere any printed cover with virtually any material. Then, using ImageBack liners placed on the cardboard within the hardcovers, simply peel back the non-stick sheet and set your bound book block into the hardcover case using the Fastback® Hardcover Guide.

Fastback® ImageBack HardcoversFastback® ImageBack Hardcovers

Fastback® ImageBack LinersMaroon Suede Fastback® Photobooks

With our new pressure sensitive hardcover adhesive boards, making your own hardbound book has never been easier. These adhesive foam boards, also known as Bella boards, are manufactured by hardcover binding experts Powis Parker and provide excellent strength and flexibility with an elegant width of 1mm. Designed to work with the Fastback® tape binding system, you simply remove the liner sheet of each board, place them on the front and back of your book block, wrap the book with your scored cover and apply pressure with either the Powis PhotoPress, a cutter clamp or another pressure device. The pressure will activate the glue in the board, adhering it to the endleaves and cover where it's ready to be three-knife trimmed to any size. Hardcover adhesive boards are available in dimensions of 9" x 12", 12" x 12" and 12" x 18".

Hardcover Adhesive Board 9in x 12inHardcover Adhesive Board 9in x 12in

Hardcover Adhesive Board 12in x 12inHardcover Adhesive Board 12in x 12in

Hardcover Adhesive Board 12in x 18inHardcover Adhesive Board 12in x 18in

These high quality 100# paper endleaves are essential elements to a finished hardcover book, comprising the front and back portions of the hard cover. Using the Fastback® Hardcover Guide, easily adhere your endleaves to your hardcover and book block for a beautifully bound book. Available in standard sized 8.5" x 11" sets of 25 endleaves (50 endleaves total), no window, in White.

Portrait 8.5x11in Endleaves, No WindowPortrait 8.5x11in Endleaves, No Window

FoilFast® Title Sheets utilize Powis Parker's FoilFast P21x Cover Printer to print dazzling custom covers and spines for on demand hardcover customization that's faster and more cost effective than traditional foil stamping. Choose between glossy composition title sheets in Black, Dark Blue & White or the smooth suede title sheets in Black, Bright Blue & Maroon. Available in standard sized 8.5" x 11" packages of 25 title sheets.

FoilFast® Composition Hardcover Title SheetsFoilFast® Composition Hardcover Title Sheets

FoilFast® Suede Hardcover Title SheetsFoilFast® Suede Hardcover Title Sheets

These hardcover tape binding strips utilize Super Strip™ thermal adhesive technology, in conjunction with a Fastback® Tape Binder, to bind a durably bound book block between 3-350 pages that will ultimately be inserted into a Fastback® hard cover case to make a beautiful hardbound book. The strips are packaged in sets of 25, available in Narrow (A & B size hardcovers, up to 0.5 inches), Medium (C & D size hardcovers, up to 1 inch) and Wide (E & F size hardcovers, up to 1.5 inches).

Narrow Fastback® Hardcover Tape Binding StripsNarrow Fastback® Hardcover Tape Binding Strips

Medium Fastback® Hardcover Tape Binding StripsMedium Fastback® Hardcover Tape Binding Strips

Wide Fastback® Hardcover Tape Binding StripsWide Fastback® Hardcover Tape Binding Strips

Headbands for photo books are an optional decorative touch that give any hardbound photobook the finished look of a stitched hardcover. With super strong adhesive fabric pieces, simply cut and adhere your headbands to the top and bottom of your book block. Available in sets of 25 - 6" pieces, colors include Black/Red and Black/White checkered fabric.

Black and Red Headbands for Fastback® HardcoversBlack and Red Headbands for Fastback® Hardcovers

Black and White Headbands for Fastback® HardcoversBlack and White Headbands for Fastback® Hardcovers