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Customize the covers and spines of your documents for a fraction of the cost of traditional foil stamping with Powis Parker's foil printing cartridges. They come in 4 vibrant colors with extremely durable, scratch resistant foil and are made specifically for Powis' digital foil printers, the FoilFast® P21x and the PowisPrinter® P31. For more information on custom covers and spines, call us toll free at 855-880-7500.

Fastback® Foil Printer Cartridges for P21x and P31

These foil cartridges are designed for the FoilFast® P21x, manufactured by Powis Parker, and will print virtually any logo, text or vector art on specially manufactured presentation covers including our FoilFast® Composition Covers, Clear Polyester and Frosted Polyester covers. The 600dpi output ensures high quality detail and with the scratch resistant foil, your customized document is bound to last.

Gold FoilFast® P21/x CartridgesGold FoilFast® P21/x Cartridges

Silver FoilFast® P21/x CartridgesSilver FoilFast® P21/x Cartridges

White FoilFast® P21/x CartridgesWhite FoilFast® P21/x Cartridges

Black FoilFast® P21/x CartridgesBlack FoilFast® P21/x Cartridges

Primer FoilFast® P21/x CartridgesPrimer FoilFast® P21/x Cartridges

These foil cartridges are designed for the PowisPrinter® P31, manufactured by Powis Parker, and print custom spines that stand out with any vertical or horizontal logo, text or vector art on patented Fastback® Super Strips. Print on the spine of narrow, medium or wide books in any of the available metallic or matte foils and bind documents using the Fastback® Tape Binders that are immediately recognizable from a bookshelf.

Gold PowisPrinter® P31 CartridgesGold PowisPrinter® P31 Cartridges

Silver PowisPrinter® P31 CartridgesSilver PowisPrinter® P31 Cartridges

White PowisPrinter® P31 CartridgesWhite PowisPrinter® P31 Cartridges

Black PowisPrinter® P31 CartridgesBlack PowisPrinter® P31 Cartridges