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Powis Parker's revolutionary tape binding strip is the cutting edge of binding technology, with a high-strength thermoplastic glue that works in conjunction with a Fastback® Binding Machine for an extremely strong and fast bind. By detecting bar codes printed into the glue of the strip, the strip is bound according to it's unique heating cycle for a square, durable document. Whether you are tape binding, perfect binding or hardcover binding, these strips offer efficiency of time, sleekness of look, a small foot print and a long-lasting solution for your document binding needs.

Fastback® Super StripFastback® Super Strip

Fastback® Perfect Binding StripFastback® Perfect Binding Strip

Fastback® Lx-StripFastback® Lx-Strip

Fastback® Image Blank Strips for Model 20Fastback® Image Blank Strips for Model 20

Plastic spiral coil is neat and strong yet flexible and light weight. It is the fastest growing segment of the mechanical binding industry, driven by consumer demand, and coil documents can be punched and bound using any of our coil binding machines. With plastic coil, pages won't pull apart and are available in over 50 colors. A book will fold a full 360 degrees and lay flat when opened. We keep 4:1 pitch black and white in stock as standard colors with sizes between 6mm & 35mm, but are happy to special order any color or size you may require.

Spiral Coil 6mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 6mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 8mm 4:1 PitchSpiral 8oil 6mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 10mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 10mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 12mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 12mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 14mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 14mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 16mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 16mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 18mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 18mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 20mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 20mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 22mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 22mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 25mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 25mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 28mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 28mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 30mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 30mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 32mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 32mm 4:1 Pitch

Spiral Coil 35mm 4:1 PitchSpiral Coil 35mm 4:1 Pitch

Also known as double loop wire binding, twin loop wire binding is an elegant and durable mechanical binding solution. The metal twin loop wire gives an aesthetically pleasing finish and a sense of quality to the bound pages and can be punched and/or bound using a machine from our selection of wire binding machines. Bound documents open easily, lie flat, and completely fold over 360°. We keep 2:1 & 3:1 pitch black, white & silver in stock as standard colors with sizes between 3-16" and 1-1/4", but are happy to special order other colors and sizes.

Double Loop Wire 3/16in 3:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 3/16in 3:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 1/4in 3:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 1/4in 3:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 5/16in 3:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 5/16in 3:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 3/8in 3:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 3/8in 3:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 7/16in 3:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 7/16in 3:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 1/2in 3:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 1/2in 3:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 9/16in 3:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 9/16in 3:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 5/8in 2:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 5/8in 2:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 3/4in 2:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 3/4in 2:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 7/8in 2:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 7/8in 2:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 1in 2:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 1in 2:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 1-1/8in 2:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 1-1/8in 2:1 Pitch

Double Loop Wire 1-1/4in 2:1 PitchDouble Loop Wire 1-1/4in 2:1 Pitch

Our VeloBind compatible strips are a secure and attractive binding method that provide a professional, book-like finish. This method requires a relatively low inventory, with three strip sizes (1" x 11", 2" x 11", 3" x 11") that can hold up to 750 sheets. The binding process is simple, using intuitive hot-knife Velobind systems manufactured by GBC, providing consistent results to every user with easy page editing and hardcover capabilities. We keep black in stock as a standard color, but are happy to special order any color you require.

1in Velobind 11-Pin Spine1in Velobind 11-Pin Spine

2in Velobind 11-Pin Spine2in Velobind 11-Pin Spine

3in Velobind 11-Pin Spine3n Velobind 11-Pin Spine

We stock 19-ring plastic combs in black and white, with sizes ranging from 3-16" up to 2" in diameter. Plastic combs are flexible, durable, extremely affordable and easy to bind professional documents with, requiring only a paper punch and a comb opener to do so, both of which can be found on our comb binding machine page. Finished documents open easily, lie flat and can have pages removed or added.

3/16in Plastic Comb 19-Ring3/16in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

1/4in Plastic Comb 19-Ring1/4in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

5/16in Plastic Comb 19-Ring5/16in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

3/8in Plastic Comb 19-Ring3/8in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

7/16in Plastic Comb 19-Ring7/16in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

1/2in Plastic Comb 19-Ring1/2in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

9/16in Plastic Comb 19-Ring9/16in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

5/8in Plastic Comb 19-Ring5/8in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

3/4in Plastic Comb 19-Ring3/4in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

7/8in Plastic Comb 19-Ring7/8in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

1in Plastic Comb 19-Ring1in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

1-1/8in Plastic Comb 19-Ring1-1/8in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

1-1/4in Plastic Comb 19-Ring1-1/4in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

1-1/2in Plastic Comb 19-Ring1-1/2in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

1-3/4in Plastic Comb 19-Ring1-3/4in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

2in Plastic Comb 19-Ring2in Plastic Comb 19-Ring

We offer a full line of binding cover stock compatible with virtually all binding equipment we sell, as well as our Powis digital foil printers. We carry elegant leatherette covers in 10 colors, FoilFast® printable composition covers, eco-friendly bindercovers in six colors, recyclable Adirondack leatherette covers, clear & frosted 7mil polyester covers (heat resistant, for tape binding) and clear 10mil vinyl (for punch binding).

Leatherette Vinyl Composition CoversLeatherette Vinyl Composition Covers

Foilfast® Composition CoversFoilfast® Composition Covers

Eco-Friendly Recycled Adirondack Leatherette CoversEco-Friendly Recycled Adirondack Leatherette Covers

Classic Linen Textured Paper BindercoversClassic Linen Textured Paper Bindercovers

Clear Plastic Vinyl 10mil Acetate CoversClear Plastic Vinyl 10mil Acetate Covers

Clear Polyester Heat Resistant CoversClear Polyester Heat Resistant Covers

Frosted/Matte Polyester CoversFrosted/Matte Polyester Covers

Laminating your prints is an excellent way to preserve the life of your printed materials, protecting from moisture and physical damage while simultaneously giving a brilliant pop of color to your printed materials. We carry high quality, scuff resistant lamination at an incredible price point that is compatible with virtually all lamination machines. Choose between our lamination pouches for manually fed pouch laminators, our standard melt gloss film for desktop roll laminators with a 1" core size or our gloss and matte films specially designed for Fujipla's automatic laminators, the Al-Meister ALM3220 and ALM3222.

Lamination PouchesLamination Pouches

1in Core Standard Melt Lamination Rolls1in Core Standard Melt Lamination Rolls

Fujipla Al-Meister Lamination RollsLamination Rolls for Fujipla ALM3220 and ALM3222

Producing classy hardbound books that feature the durability and appearance of commercially manufactured books has never been easier with Fastback® Tape Binders and an accompanying Hardcover Guide for quick assembly. Profitably produce beautiful customizable suede and composition hardcovers with no set up fees or waste using our high quality paper endleaves, printable FoilFast title sheets and decorative headbands.

Fastback® Composition HardcoversFastback® Composition Hardcovers

Fastback® Suede HardcoversFastback® Suede Hardcovers

Fastback® ImageBack HardcoversFastback® ImageBack Hardcovers

Hardcover Adhesive BoardsHardcover Adhesive Boards

Fastback® Hardcover Tape Binding StripsFastback® Hardcover Tape Binding Strips

Portrait EndleavesPortrait Endleaves

FoilFast® Title SheetsFoilFast® Title Sheets

Hardcover HeadbandsHardcover Headbands

Photobooks are an excellent way to preserve cherished memories and with our high quality self adhesive leather, leatherette and suede landscape photo books, you can produce stunning books simply and affordably. There are multiple ways to bind these photobooks including Powis tape binding, the Powis PhotoPress or the SilverStrike Prime Photobook Stapler. Our photo book binding supplies include black 100# paper endleaves with and without window as well as decorative fabric headbands for finishing.

Fastback® Leather and Composition PhotobooksFastback® Leather and Composition Photobooks

Fastback® Suede PhotobooksFastback® Suede Photobooks

Photobook Adhesive BoardsPhotobook Adhesive Boards

Fastback® Photobook Tape Binding StripsFastback® Photobook Tape Binding Strips

Landscape 11x8.5in Photobook Endleaves with WindowLandscape 11x8.5in Photobook Endleaves with Window

Photobook HeadbandsPhotobook Headbands

Customize the covers and spines of your documents for a fraction of the cost of traditional foil stamping. These cartridges come in 7 vibrant colors with extremely durable, scratch resistant foil. Made specifically for our patented digital foil printers, the FoilFast P21x and the PowisPrinter P31.

FoilFast® P21x CartridgesFoilFast® P21x Cartridges

PowisPrinter® P31 CartridgesPowisPrinter® P31 Cartridges