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Akiles Roll-@-Blade 1815 18" Rotary Paper Trimmer

Akiles Roll-@-Blade 1815 Rotary Paper Trimmer

Akiles Roll-@-Blade 1815 Features:

◦ Self-Sharpening Tungsten Steel Rotary Blade
◦ Ergonomic Metal Blade Carriage
◦ 18" x 15" Cutting Table
◦ Twin Sliding Poles for blade stability
◦ Transparent Clamping Bar
◦ Side Guide & Adjustable Depth Guide
◦ Extra wide work table with grid ruler table in metric/english measurement systems
◦ Trims paper, newsprint, cardboard, plastic films, vellum, aluminum foil, vinyl, pvc, polyester, leather, veneer, etc.

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The Roll-@-Blade 1815 precision rotary paper trimmer is a superb piece of equipment whose popularity is well deserved. Whether you're working in a reprographics center, a school or a law firm, this 18" Roll-@-Blade is perfect for almost any trimming job, able to easily slice through up to 2.0mm of paper, newsprint, cardboard, plastic films, vellum, aluminum foil, polyethylene, leather, veneer etc. The Roll-@-Blade is loaded with useful features that make trimming easier, including an ergonomic blade carriage that keeps the blade at a safe distance from your hand at all times, twin sliding poles for a stable and accurate cut, a transparent clamping bar that simultaneously holds your material in place and gives a clear view of the trimming process, and a handy grid ruler that reads both metric and english measurement systems. And with its self-sharpening tungsten steel blade, you're assured of a durable, maintenance free trimmer for years to come. Weighing just 17lbs and taking up 18" x 15" of table space, the Roll-@-Blade 1815 is ideal for someone looking for a space-saving, extremely effective trimmer. Call us toll free at 855-880-7500 with any questions regarding the Akiles Roll-@-Blade 1815 Rotary Trimmer; if you're located in the San Francisco Bay Area, call us to set up a free demonstration at your place of business.

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New Roll-@-Blade 1815: $238

Roll-@-Blade 1815 Specifications

◦ Manufacturer: Akiles
◦ Table Format: 18" x 15" (457mm x 381mm)
◦ Maximum Trimming Length: 18" (457mm)
◦ Cutting Capacity: 15 sheets of 20# paper
◦ Weight & Volume: 17 Lbs/1.5 CbFt
◦ Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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