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Saddle Point Systems has been closely involved in the document binding industry for over 20 years, selling high quality, affordable binding & finishing equipment and supplies & accessories locally and nationwide. We have served customers throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1989, providing qualified technical support as well as expertise on implementing binding and finishing solutions for an array of different projects.

Call toll free at 855-880-7500 for fast, friendly customer service or send us an e-mail for an expedient response. Business hours are between 8am & 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.

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Welcome to Saddle Point Systems!

With our wide selection of document binding solutions, excellent prices and highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, we'll help you find exactly what you need while giving you the best deal for your money. We specialize in Powis Parker's Fastback® Binding System, which binds presentation-quality documents up to 350 sheets in 12-15 seconds that are not only affordable but extremely customizable.

Powis' latest bookbinding breakthrough, the Fastback® Model 20, has synthesized 25+ years of revolutionary tape binding technology and created an affordable production machine that binds documents faster, stronger and more elegantly than any binding solution on the market. Whether you're making hardcover books, books with custom Image Strips, tape bound reports, perfectbound paperbacks, photo books or simply looking for a better binding solution, the Fastback® Model 20 does it all.

We're also proud to offer Powis Parker's two extraordinary digital foil printers which provide endless on-demand customization options for your document. Unlike traditional foil stamping, the FoilFast P21x requires no expensive dies or setup time--simply design your cover with any logo, text or vector art and print it on a FoilFast Composition Cover or FoilFast Title Sheet using FoilFast Cartridges that come in gold, silver, white or black. Similarly, the PowisPrinter P31 Spine Printer allows you to design a book spine with any logo, text or vector art and, using PowisPrinter Cartridges, print it directly on a Super Strip.

For someone looking for more traditional binding solutions, we carry a full line of equipment and supplies for 11-Pin Velobind Strips, 4:1 Spiral Coils, Plastic Combs and Twin Loop Wire, including great deals on binding covers, modular punch equipment, Velobind hot-knife binding systems, coil binding machines, comb binding machines, wire binding machines and other tools and accessories necessary for punch binding.

We also carry a wide selection of document finishing products and specialty equipment to add the perfect touch to your documents, including hardcover and photobook machines, pouch and roll lamination supplies, high quality pouch and roll-fed semi/fully automatic laminators and heavy duty paper handling equipment (paper cutters, trimmers, corner rounders, folders, creasers, scorers, business card cutters, joggers). To inquire about our full catalogue of document binding and finishing, call us toll free at 855-880-7500.

Binding & Finishing EquipmentFastback® Tape Binders, Foil Printers, Punch & Bind, Hardcovers & Photobooks, Pouch/Roll Laminators,
Paper Handling Equipment

Browse our extensive catalogue of high quality binding and finishing machines and choose the right one for your business' purposes. Call us for a free demonstration or for additional details.

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Binding & Finishing SuppliesFastback® Binding Strips, Coil, Comb, Wire, Velobind, Presentation Covers, Hardcovers, Photobook Supplies, Pouch & Roll Lamination

No matter what equipment you're using, we have the supplies to keep you binding until the job's done. Orders over $75 get free shipping and orders called in before 2:00pm PST are guaranteed to ship the same day.

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